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    The latest ART CHESS sets from Purling London, www.purlinglondon.com are hand painted by  Darren MacPherson and Thomas Dowdeswell from Debut Contemporary Gallery, Notting Hill, London. These stunningly beautiful works of art are in The Great Writing Room in Harrods, Knightsbridge and retail for £3,500. Please find some sample images and do have a look at the site and let me know if I can help with any higher resolution photos or more information. Please see Darren’s and Thomas’ style and inspiration below.

    Recently Purling London launched a new model, ‘Bold Chess’.
    Bold Chess are premium chess sets that incorporate contemporary, bold coloured, hand-carved Staunton pieces with a classic maple wood board. They retail at RRP £495 which makes them an ideal purchase for art lovers and chess fanatics.

    The unique features are:

    • Contemporary colours: Burnt Orange, Cobalt Blue, Light Pink, Pastel Green, Classic Red, Shadow Black and Gloss White
    • Real leather chess piece felts branded with the Purling London logo
    • 34 Hand carved boxwood pieces (incl. 4 Queens; 10.2cm, triple weighted)
    • Classic Maple wood 2kg board
    • Luxury Purling London packaging and certificate
    • Stockists include Harrods, Chaplins, Decca Bolier, Gotham, Vault Privé, Azerbaijan and Chess & Bridge 
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