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    Geneva, April 2017 – Caran d’Ache presents its new Varius Peter Marino limited edition dreamt up by the architect Peter Marino, a talented creator and aficionado of elegant materials.

    The new Varius Peter Marino limited edition, available in two versions, reflects all the innovative spirit of Caran d’Ache. In these exceptional writing instruments, the Geneva-based company explores the codes of art, design and fashion. Sophisticated elegance, perfect lines, unbridled creativity and timeless comfort emphasise these tailor-made models.

    Haute Ecriture meets Haute Couture

    The Varius writing instruments are an intrinsic part of Peter Marino’s life. He is a great fan of this emblematic Caran d’Ache collection, which is at the very heart of his creative process.

    « I use the Varius pens to sketch architecture. »

    The Geneva-based company gave this star architect “carte blanche” to design the Varius in his own style. With this limited edition, Peter Marino has perfected a design that is simultaneously modern, surprising and trendy, echoing the architectural features he creates for the world’s leading fashion houses.

    Peter Marino lends the Varius his own rock style

    Like a symbol of Peter Marino’s personal approach, the Varius collection from Caran d’Ache constantly reinvents the synergies between design, comfort and exclusive materials. In the Varius Peter Marino limited edition models, the architect’s creativity plays with the established frameworks. His rock style blends seamlessly with these unique writing instruments, which are a perfect fit for the man’s resolutely modern personality.

    « The pen, inspired by a combination of high performance motorcycle aesthetics with my own personal style. »

    Two limited pieces: Varius Peter Marino and Varius Peter Marino – Special Edition

    The Varius Peter Marino- Special Edition reflects the star architect’s unique style. The predominant leather combined with hand-lacing allows all the personality of the fountain and roller pens in this collection to shine through. The cap is topped with a silver and rhodium-plated skull with black onyx eyes, reminiscent of the numerous rings worn by Peter Marino himself. The generic numbering, 1/150, refers to the address of the architect’s studio in Manhattan: 150 East 58 Street.

    « These pens are high performance instruments dressed in leather couture. »

    The Varius Peter Marino model is also adorned in leather, worked to offer unparalleled comfort. This writing instrument is available as a fountain pen, roller pen and ballpoint pen. In a tip of the hat to the world of fashion, a fine grey seam dresses the instrument along its entire length. The cap carries Peter Marino’s signature along with a unique limited edition number. Delicately engraved, this number pays homage to the date on which the architect established his first studio in New York: 1/1978.

    A limited edition at the forefront of fashion

    Adored by luxury brands, Peter Marino has asserted his incisive style and contemporary vision of space. For this limited edition, the architect wraps the Varius in a sweet impertinence guaranteed to enchant both fashionistas and aficionados of noble materials. Both models are luxury writing instruments boldly reflecting the worlds of fashion and design.

    Peter Marino, a genius of space and materials

    Creator, patron, builder, aesthete… A hundred words are not enough to qualify Peter Marino, who describes himself as an architect/artist. The magnificent spaces he creates are all stamped with his love of light and noble materials as well as the rhythm of the lines. This internationally renowned American designer develops his architectural creations as inextricably-linked ensembles giving free rein to his freedom of colour. Peter Marino is also an aficionado of contemporary artistic creations that he scatters around his monumental works.

    Caran d’Ache

    Since it was founded in 1915, Caran d’Ache has always combined elegance, boldness and innovation. Calling on more than a century of valuable know-how, the Geneva-based company perpetuates the grand tradition of Swiss firms. Caran d’Ache pays particular attention to the art of beautiful writing. The company designs and manufactures exceptional products in Geneva in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Made label.


    The Varius Peter Marino limited edition calls on the unique know-how of the master craftsmen at Caran d’Ache. The attributes of these writing instruments (body of the tip, cap and clip) are silver- and rhodium plated. The nib is made from 18-carat, rhodium-plated solid gold. The Caran d’Ache hexagon is engraved at the centre of the nib and several sizes are available on request. The body of these original models is wrapped in Harrison calf leather sourced in France. The box is in imitation leather with seams and carries Peter Marino’s signature.

    The Varius Peter Marino limited edition will be available in all specialist luxury writing boutiques from April 2017.

    Information relating to the Varius Peter Marino collection is under embargo until 25th April 2017.

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