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  • Oxley’s

    Oxley’s have been manufacturing bespoke, luxury outdoor furniture for over 30 years. Every item is made from 100% recycled aluminium and is infinitely recyclable, meaning it has no end of life. Most importantly, Oxley’s furniture is made in such a way that it never needs to be replaced.

    All pieces are handmade to order, which means a completely unique look can be created to work with any space and colour scheme. Oxley’s work closely with designers to achieve the exact look required. The furniture can be specified in any colour, in combination with any of the tend of thousands of outdoor fabrics now available.

    Not only is each set of Oxley’s Furniture made completely unique to every customer, it is also made to be maintenance free wherever in the world it is situated. Oxley’s specialist craftsmen ensure that their luxury furniture is made to last, and that is a promise.

    Orders for Oxley’s come in all shapes and sizes, from a small luxury outdoor patio set for a city garden, to providing bespoke furniture for all the outdoor areas of one of the world’s largest mansions. And for anything in between.

    Oxley’s Furniture is here to help with all your outdoor needs, no matter the size.

    Oxley’s contact details are:
    Email: info@oxleys.com
    Phone: 01386 701 894
    Website: www.oxleys.com

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