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    Glass fibre cored fabrics, traditionally used for both internal and external Solar shading are also ideally suited for use in tensile structures, as substrates for digital printing, for acoustic absorption, decorative panels, office partitions, wall and ceiling coverings.

    Glass fibre yarns coated with the thinnest of polymer coatings as manufactured by Mermet are inherently fire resistant (to BS 476, Part 6, Class 0*) which makes them particularly suitable for use in schools, hospitals and other public buildings. Dimensionally stable this permits the weaving of wide rolls ( up to 3200 mm wide ) facilitating the manufacture of large panels that hang flat, without the need for visible jointing or regularising battens.

    With openness factors from 0% ( black-out) all the way through 1, 3 ,5 , 10 and 25% and combined colour combinations up to around 500, there is something here you can use whether you are a specifying architect, a manufacturer/installer of blinds and other sunshade products.

    Mermet U.K. are here for you to provide advice of the most suitable type of material for your application and we can also advise on the type of hardware most suitable for your screens and application. We are a Business-2-Business trade supplying company but are will be happy to advise and also send out samples to private individual to take to their own preferred blind / shade manufacturer or we can introduce you to one of our regular customers in your area.

    Mermet UK – Designer of Intelligent Fabrics For Solar Protection – Energy saving – Anti-glare – Flame Retarding Fabric – Acoustically absorbent translucent transparent – Blackout – Heat control blinds

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