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    Optimising lighting in retail stores is one of the most important factors in creating the right atmosphere and customer experience for increasing sales. That’s why Luxonic has come out with a brand new 48 page brochure covering LED lighting for fashion and food retailers. From its long experience in supplying special lighting packages to retailers such as Next and M&S, Luxonic has detailed in this new brochure a full range of LED display lighting, ambient lighting and back of house lighting, as well as all the emergency lighting required by stores.

    As a major British lighting manufacturer with full R & D facilities, Luxonic has the experience to offer the very best LED lighting packages for low energy use and minimal maintenance. The company knows that the main influence on the life of an LED is its thermal operating conditions, so it runs LEDs at a maximum of two thirds of their rated power to ensure low temperature conditions. Extensive thermal testing in its LuxLab® optimises the thermal conditions of the LEDs and results in long service life typically over 50,000 hours.

    LEDs have the ability to deliver excellent colour rendering that is flattering to people and objects. In retail, a high R9 can make red merchandise stand out attractively in displays so is highly desirable for displaying red and other warm colours in fashion and food such as meat or bread in supermarkets, bakers and butchers. All products are available with Ra 80 or Ra 90 for enhanced colour rendering.

    Full details are given in the new brochure of Luxonic’s Alterlite® range of recessed adjustable spot lights, its 1, 2, 3 & 4 head gimbal LED luminaires, and its track mounted spots all with many LED options.  There is also the Luxonic MV3 three-circuit lighting track, providing a fully flexible power supply system allowing the lighting designer many variations of track either surface mounted, fully recessed or suspended.  Also featured are Skylux® luminaires providing a frameless recessed modular LED luminaire; Linearlux® from Luxonic which is a very versatile trunking system that can incorporate different forms of continuous LED lighting for use in retail aisles for instance; and there is Covelux which can be used for under-shelf lighting and for cove lighting.  For high efficiency LED downlighters, Luxonic has its V-LED® range demonstrating up to twice the efficiency of compact fluorescent luminaires.

    Emergency lighting is also an important aspect of store design and this is covered in the new brochure with various new products purpose – designed as emergency luminaires recessed into the ceiling, or surface mounted as well as emergency signs for bulkhead or ceiling applications.  Luxonic is also able to provide retailers with emergency lighting test systems as part of the installation.

    Luxonic’s LuxLink® lighting control solution for retail is also in the catalogue, this providing intelligent control of lighting such as reduced lighting levels, presence detection and light level reduction at peak cost electricity periods.  Completing the product line-up is a range of luminaires from Luxonic for back of house lighting, these including recessed and surface mounted LED luminaires for high efficiency and low energy consumption.

    Copies of Luxonic’s new brochure on LED lighting for fashion and food are available from Luxonic on 01256 363090, by emailing info@luxonic.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.luxonic.co.uk

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