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    The NIKOLATESLA UNPLUGGED extractor hob from Elica brings together Italian style with intuitive ease-of-use to fully meet the expectations of the design conscious cook.

    Conceived to create a natural and immediate relationship between the user and the product, NikolaTesla UNPLUGGED is controlled through perfectly weighted knobs which provide smooth, instantaneous and intuitive access to all its features. The great advantage of knobs is that they are equally responsive even when your hands are wet or greasy.

    The knobs are beautifully machined for excellent grip and the magnetic release of the outer part makes cleaning easy.

    In either all black glass or black glass and stainless steel designs, a clean separation of the cooking zone from the control area is provided by an elegant shock-resistant bulkhead that protects the control area from any possible contact with cookware and from any unwanted spills.

    NIKOLATESLA UNPLUGGED has a host of features to make cooking easier and to keep your environment comfortable. There are 3 automatic temperature modes: melting mode where the temperature is kept below 50° to assure that the ingredients fully melt but without you having to keep stirring; warming mode which is for low temperature cooking and is ideal for warming delicate sauces without worrying about them over-heating and simmering mode which keeps the pan a gentle simmer without the risk of it boiling over.

    It also has a fast boil function which sets the cooking zone to maximum power for 10 minutes to bring the contents of the pot to a boil 30% faster and 2 bridge zones – a function that joins two cooking zones into one single larger one with both sections having the same power and uniform temperature.

    With its Autocapture feature you can concentrate on your cooking. UNPLUGGED automatically adjusts the extraction power based on the number and power level of the zones being used to achieve the optimum balance between silence, power and energy consumption. But thanks to Comfort Silencetechnology noise levels are low enough to allow easy conversation even at maximum speed.

    If you are installing in re-circulating mode Elica’s patented ceramic filters reach 80% efficiency in comparison to the market average of 60% – and can be regenerated for up to five years which is good for the environment and economical.

    Elica has even designed their NikolaTesla hobs so that any spillages are safely collected and can be easily drained away.

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