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  • Italian Fashion Stairs: quality, professionalism and innovation in the Italian stair’s craftsmanship

    I have recently had the opportunity of visiting the fabulous world of the stairs. A context maybe inexplored and isolated in the interior design, and maybe partly underestimated, as people take for granted that when they buy or rent a house, the stairs are already there, done for bringing us up or down.
    Italian Fashion Stairs, with its experience in the sector, has guided me to the discovery of a new consciousness where the staircases are no longer a static and immuable object of home furnishing in our own residence, but a quality product, which we can personalize according to our necessities, and that can perfectly fit to every kind of style, such as the classic, the country, the essential, or the modern one. The professionalism of Italian Fashion Stairs, and its big range of products, have inspired me to better know its work’s methods, the materials it employs for the stairs’ manufacturing, and they have made me understand the importance of the concept of quality, which has to stay inevitably between the one of stair and the one of security. The precision and the attention through which the producers serve their customers,and through which they analyse and prepare the custom-made projects, basing on people’s needs and likings, has attracted my attention and has put me in contact with a growing interest to the enterprise offer.
    Among the various models proposed by Italian Fashion Stairs, such as spiral stairs, spiral staircases in glass, helicoidal stairs and flight staircases, realized with several materials, like for example steel, stainless steel, wood, and glass, has particularly drawn my attention the ASTRALE V. This is a spiral stair basically created with a steel girder, glass treads, steel handrail, stainless steel circular bars, and a central pole in steel. This model is certainly suitable for everyone looking for the optimization of restrained spaces, without renouncing to the modern design and the elegance, suggested in particular by the central helicoidal structure, harmoniously climbing up by accompanying the trads, and by the simple, functional and modern stair balustrade.


    The competence and the producers’ target of proposing quality products and services satisfying their customers, can be easily perceived in every step of their producing processes, and everybody can prove it by simply observing their stairs, the care in the details, the refined design and the customers satisfaction. Italian Fashion Stairs has teached me that the Made in Italy is not only a synonym of aesthetic taste, but also quality, innovation and customer care.

    If you are a retailer or a seller and you are interested in collaborating with Italian Fashion Stairs, you can fill in the form to the sequent link: http://www.italianfashionstairs.co.uk/contact-us/request-information.html

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