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    The Isosonic Screed Plank is high density fibre reinforced gypsum board.

    It is hard and water resistant and it can be used on its own as a dry application substitution for wet screeds.

    Used in combination with ISORUBBER underlayment it provides a high performance acoustic floating floor system, suitable for use on timber and concrete floors.

    ISORUBBER mats are made from reconstituted waste rubber and the fibre for the board is gained from waste paper.

    The high mass property of the plank combined with the durable high resilience of Isorubber provides the high level airborne and impact sound absorption of the system.


    Dry screed; eliminates pumping and drying out time.

    Reduced weight and floor thickness

    High acoustic insulation performance

    Ideal for use with Under Floor Heating; due the boards low thermal resistance

    Isorubber is a durable tough material which undergoes no discernible compression or long term acoustic deteriation under design loading.

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