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  • Interior Design Trends for This Year!

    SENTTA is always following the trends and this year will not be different. We couldn’t pass by without sharing the most important interior design trends of this year.

    2024 will be marked with customisations, unique colours, and combinations of materials.

    We reunited some of the trends by analysing some of them through magazines, designers, and opinions.

    The Brown Renaissance resumes designs that will maintain the brown and the grey colours, not only on fabrics but also on wood.

    his will be the year of Bold and Fearless Colours. The white and grey spaces will give place to daring vibrancy, saturation, and colour combinations.

    Sculptural Art offers dimension to the room where it is inserted, combining finishes, textures, and forms.

    Sustainability will be maintained as one of the biggest trends of 2024. It’s predicted to be even more used this year, due to sustainable materials that can be used in some designs or new constructions. This year this will be taken as a global objective.

    Inviting Living Rooms will take place over cold and white places. Designers affirmed that minimalism upgraded to a more organic and cosy sensation. We’re walking in another direction: nudes, browns, earth tones and soft greens. We will see this green tone every place this year.

    Known Personalized Eclectism develops personalized spaces that will match the personality of the owner. You can put your character decor and stories in the first place. This means that we’ll have personalised spaces with rich colours. Besides that, the “vintage” pieces have been one of the biggest interests in the last year.

    In the last few months, the Quiet Luxury has been taken into consideration. Even though we were used to hearing this term related to haute-couture brands, we will see this trend also in furniture. It’s expected that the customers choose comfortable furniture instead of a clean look.

    The designer community is divided into the continuation of this trend.


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