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  • Installing Professionalism into Carpet Fitting

    These days it is absolutely vital to convey a professional and high quality image in business. Floor coverings are a key element of this. Too often, businesses will freshen up their walls with a coat of paint but the effect can be completely spoiled by a shabby, stained or worn carpet. Such an environment can not only put off clients, it can be harmful to staff morale, leading to a reduction in productivity. A poor floor covering can be more serious, too. A worn or uneven carpet can be a health and safety issue, resulting in potential accidents, lost work time and even insurance claims.

    A partner in commercial carpets

    Selby carpets is a professional and experienced floor covering firm specialising in supplying and fitting quality floor coverings to schools and businesses across Greater London. Our experience tells us that installation is every bit as important as choosing the correct floor covering products. A poorly fitted carpet will wear out more quickly, wasting money and requiring repeat expenditure at a later stage. It will also spoil the look of both the carpet and your business premises, appearing unprofessional and shoddy. Selby carpet fitters have the expertise to make sure that every carpet is properly fitted and your business or organisation benefits fully from its investment.

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    Selby installation services

    Selby understands the needs of your business and has shaped an installation service offering to deliver on these requirements. Our expert, helpful and polite fitters will move your furniture to clear the area to be carpeted. They will also uplift your old floor covering and take it away to be disposed of or recycled as appropriate. They will then prepare the sub-floor or underlay as necessary and install your chosen floor covering to the highest professional standards. Once the job is complete, our team will hoover the area, return the furniture to its original position and ensure your premises are completely ready to resume business. Our services don’t stop there, however. Selby offers a full range of cleaning and maintenance agreements to ensure that your new carpets remain in top condition for their entire lifetime.

    Selby ‘Shift and Lift’ solutions

    Because we specialise in serving commercial clients, we are completely aware of the special challenges they face when considering new flooring. Many new clients tell us that they have delayed installing new flooring because they are concerned about the disruption to their businesses. That is why Selby has developed its ‘Shift and Lift’ flooring installation solution. This innovative approach uses hydraulic lifting tools to lift all desks, filing cabinets and office furniture, so that the new flooring can easily be fitted underneath. This operation is usually carried out in the evenings or at weekends, meaning absolutely no disruption to the business. In the morning or on Monday, your team returns to find everything in place and a quality new floor covering underfoot. Selby has used the Shift and Lift system to move all sorts of furniture, from interlocking desks to grand pianos, so there really is no need to put off your new carpet installation anymore.



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