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    Put very simply we create stunning, extremely high quality outdoor furniture. Memorial benches, Tables, Chairs, Picnic Tables, Solid Oak Doors, Windows, Bespoke kitchens, interior dining tables, rocking chairs, Celtic thrones, See-Saws, Wheelchair accessible tables and so on – if it’s made of wood we can create it for you and right here in Britain.

    Our history dates back to 1923 making us one of the original fine furniture makers.  We were founded, and are still, based in Hartlepool “up t’north” as they say.  We have the pleasure of supplying a great many wonderful and discerning clients ranging from individuals to well-known national companies, golf clubs, hospitals, councils, parks and so on.  We take pride in our commitment to providing our valued customers with the highest standard of customer care and are always happy to discuss any thoughts or ideas with prospective clients, Architects, Landscapers and Civil Contractors.

    Always using the very finest timbers, Teak, Oak, Iroko and Sweet Chestnut, occasionally Cedar, Beech, Walnut and Redwood when requested, our craftsmen produce everything with passion, appreciation of your wishes and needs and above all total commitment to provide you – our customer, with furniture that will last and last and last.  In many cases our furniture will become a valued family heirloom that will be handed down with pride to your children and their children.

    Our outdoor furniture is unrivalled in its quality and design excellence. We offer benches from lightweight two seaters to massive 17 metre bespoke designs, with our Barfleur being the heaviest ‘standard’ bench in our range.  We can create tables that are intimate cosy patio sets for two right up to 20 seat monsters that almost need a crane to place them in suit!  Chairs of all designs, chunky backless benches, Celtic thrones, even children’s Teak armchairs and benches.  Picnic tables for your garden, park seating, lakeside positioning, holiday camp eating areas some easily portable others not so!

    Our Memorial benches make a beautiful long lasting tribute to lost loved ones.   Whether recalling  fond memories of work colleagues,  or marking the bravery of armed service personnel  lost in service to their country,  all can be lovingly remembered with our handmade Memorial benches which can be carefully engraved with personal messages that are so very special. Phrases that often sum up the individual so aptly.

    May we assist with your next project, garden design, park seating, seats around your Koi pond, picnics on the patio or an intimate setting for the love of your life?

    Call us on 01429 890808  Email – sales@solidoakhardwoodfurniture.com   or  info@memorialbenches.org   Visit at – 8a Park View West Industrial Estate, Hartlepool. TS25 1PE


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