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  • Eurobrick – The real brick interior that saves on space

    A brick finish remains popular for interior design, particularly for those looking for an exposed brick effect. If there is no original brickwork to expose, or if  exposing it does not achieve the desired effect, brick slip cladding offers a simple solution. Eurobrick was the first company to introduce a comprehensively designed brick slip cladding system to the UK nearly 30 years ago. The system quickly became popular for interiors because it provides a slimline real brick finish, while minimizing loss of floor space.

    Over the years, Eurobrick has been used on a wide range of interiors projects, particularly within the hospitality sector, seeing them supply materials for a large number of projects including: Costa Coffee, O’Neill’s, The Botanist, Brewhouse & Kitchen, Nandos, Miller & Carter and Bella Italia.

    The Classic Range of brick slips from Eurobrick has always been a favourite for interiors projects, with the Old English and Newbridge Mix styles proving most popular. Old English has been a firm favourite for many years because of the warm tones and tumbled finish that help to create a characterful interior.

    Popular cocktail bar and restaurant chain The Botanist were looking for a rustic, real brick finish to fit the interior styling of their restaurants so they chose Old English. They used the brick slips at their restaurant in Marlow, along with Eurobrick’s standard grey Europoint mortar to complete the authentic interior brick finish. They also used this same finish at a number of their new restaurants throughout the UK, including York, Manchester and Birmingham.

    Miller and Carter Steakhouse chose to create a different effect using Pastorale slips from the Classic range, along with Eurobrick’s white Europoint mortar, creating a striking contrast finish in their restaurant interior in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. Eurobrick have since gone on to supply a number of other Miller & Carter restaurants too.

    Whatever style of brick is required, Eurobrick have a solution, with two wide ranges of brick colours to choose from and a range of stone finishes that also fit their systems. For more information on Eurobrick’s products, please visit www.eurobrick.co.uk or call 0117 971 7117. Eurobrick also has a showroom at its Bristol office, which is open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

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