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  • Smart becomes mobile

    The smart home becomes mobile: with the Jung KNX Smart Visu Server, the occupants control their intelligent home via smart devices.

    Smart Visu Server – simple visualisation for the smart home with the Smart Visu Server from Jung, it is possible to implement KNX functions both quickly and cost-effectively. It is operated via the Smart Visu Home user interface with its clear design.

    The user can select the lighting, temperature, sun protection, music or the Philips Hue colour light system on their smartphone at the touch of a finger. If new devices are added, they can quickly be taught in. Users can carry out their own individual settings – actions such as time-controlled switching operations or status displays – via the Smart Visu Home.

    There is a new option that enables you to combine actions into groups. Under the general term “Holiday”, users can jointly control scenes such as “Blinds up” or “Lounge lights on” and thus simulate the presence of the occupants. When the holiday is over, the group can be deactivated at any time via the corresponding button on the Smart Visu Home user interface.

    The compact device for wall or rack mounting can be integrated in the home network via the router. The software can be upgraded to enable the increasing number of smart devices to be implemented in households in the future.

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