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    De Dimora, where the passion for beauty, elegance of form and color, combined with years of experience of two French partners in the furnishing sector, make the company a prestigious reference in the manufacture and trade of contemporary rugs.

    The De Dimora’s collection proposes solutions fruit of continuous aesthetic research and innovative designs from well-known professionals in the sector. The style, the high quality and elegance characterizes De Dimora production making them unique and adaptable to endless contemporary furniture trends in the private customer sector, as well as on a contract basis. To complete the range of rugs De Dimora proposes also floor covering materials manufactured with innovative technological processes and state-of-the-art materials.

    The customer satisfaction is the De Dimora main goal which encourages the dialogue, takes care of understanding his dream suggesting the most appropriate product and solution, always friendly and rapidly. For specific needs De Dimora supplies custom rugs, designed and manufactured to satisfy and to comply the customer wishes. De Dimora likes the customer to be partner in the rug development, through the support of creative studio, allowing them to overview the design development at first hand as well as for the definition of colours and fibres..

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