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  • Celine Estates: Vision to change design future

    What is the difference between being good and being successful? Vision. Vision will drive you to cross new boundaries; boundaries you never knew existed when you first began. Vision can make you a force to be reckoned with and maybe change the course of the future.

    I found this vision in Celine Estates. Although only a couple of years old, Celine Estates’s Director, Noor Charchafchi has transformed her love of interior design and her passion for professionalism cultivated by her legal background into a thriving Luxury Interior Design company in the heart of the world’s Design Hub in Chelsea Harbour.

    So, what sets Celine Estates apart from its competition? But before I go into that, let me explain just what it is they do. Apart from being a major up and coming player in Luxury Interior Design industry with projects all over prime London locations such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Kensington, Celine Estates is also a property investment vehicle and they are due to lunch their first furniture collection in 2018.

    To get back to the question, what sets this new comer aside from the others? Noor would say it is her company’s service and dedication to excellence, I agree, but I have found there is a lot more to their success than just great service. I believe the success behind this business has been built on excellent client relations, unequivocal design capability and unfaltering quality, the respect they have for each one of their clients and the desire to bring each client’s ideas to life in the most perfect harmony of design, function and aesthetics.

    This is made apparent not only by the fact that Celine Estates has just been shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Awards later this year but also by the number of features in the prestigious in House & Garden magazine as well as their incredible client base of repeat clients and consistent recommendations.

    I was lucky enough to spend a day with Noor. The day consisted of 3 site visits, each site drastically different to the last. The first in Kensington for a private client, the place completely ripped bare awaiting its transformation. There we met with the client, walked through each room as they thoroughly discussed every feature large and small. The attention to detail was undeniable and she took it all in her stride as if this was as much her secret pleasure as it was her full-time business.

    The next, a development in Mayfair, hidden away, on a street you would assume was a mews. To my surprise there were four beautiful grand houses nearing their completion, built to perfection and oozing with glamour and grandeur. I had the chance to walk around the development. It was clear that every aspect of the development was very closely managed by Celine Estates always maintaining constant communication with the developer and with every contractor on site. I had never seen a large contractor seem so happy to welcome their interior designer on site, it was as though she were walking into her own office rather than a large development typically claiming each project as though it were her own personal undertaking.

    And finally, the last a beautiful 3-bedroom property in the heart of Kensington, an investment of Celine Estates itself. This was a project vastly different to the usual Celine Estates style, the space planning was outstanding, the irony between the classical white wall panels and the mid nineteenth century linear ultra-modern lighting affixed on those panels, reminiscent of a Parisian belle maison was just the tip of the iceberg on what was starting to look like one of the most finely designed properties I had yet to come across. Why the change in style? She explains it as being twofold, firstly it was to defy the regular perception of London luxury and secondly to push those boundaries to target the end client for that particular area and areas dominated by European and French residents. She chose to mould London luxury to accommodate a particular clientele, which she says is exactly what luxury should be, enhancing the lifestyle of those who choose to live it.

    At the end of the day I was left in awe. When we finally had a chance to sit down and talk she explained to me what she sees for the future for Celine Estates. Well short term, the next thing is to create their own bespoke furniture range. However, in the long run, Celine Estates aims to be a global brand delivering bespoke luxury service worldwide to substantiate her defiant belief that luxury is just as much about excellent service as it is about incredible design and its ability to facilitate luxury lifestyle.

    There is something for everyone and the Celine Estates vision abandons no one and encompasses all.


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