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  • Be inspired by nature and its warmth will come naturally

    We love wood. We love that we’re able to bring it direct from nature to the heart of your projects. At LosánNL we only select and produce the very best for you to achieve your ‘finest moments’.

    We are LosánNL
    Our customers’ wishes are our priority. We strive to supply real wood veneered products of the highest quality, and have been doing so for many decades into more than 45 different countries. At LosánNL, we supply these superior wood solutions perfectly in line with your needs. Our products are crafted by experts, and always made with care and consideration. This combination has helped us create endless possibilities and become one of Europe’s leading producers of real wood veneered boards.

    “Wood is a natural element and an organic form that transmits sensations which cannot be imitated by artificial materials.”

    Nothing but the best
    Whether you are an architect, interior designer or project developer, we wish to inspire you and are driven to deliver the best each and every day. It is in our nature. Therefore, we develop our products both with and for our customers. Our product lines offer a wide range of various wood species, applications and finishes. Our experts listen closely to your wishes and adapt our selection accordingly. This ensures that we can offer the perfect solution to every design challenge.

    Beauty surrounds us
    Due to our experience and our passion for quality veneered products, we have had the opportunity to design and produce five exclusive collections of veneered products.

    Florán finest oak collection; inspired by warmth, familiarity and robustness.
    Sumán finest prefinished collection: inspired by class and colours.
    Skogán finest Scandinavian collection: inspired by simplicity and freshness.
    Hotán finest acoustic collection: inspired by silence and music.
    Dasán finest eucalyptus collection: inspired by nature and character.

    All driven for nature
    As you can imagine reading this, perfect solutions with beautifully crafted veneered products is close to our hearts. Therefore, listening to and caring about nature is a given. We believe that the way we treat our surroundings and especially our materials, is crucial to the process of working with wood. We use wood from sustainably managed forests. All of our production facilities are located near to our resources. This helps us reduce our CO² emissions. As we process a natural product, we are very aware of our need and responsibility to protect the environment. LosánNL is FSC, PEFC and M1-certified.

    So, do you wish to be inspired by nature?

    Phileas Foggstraat 112
    7825 AM Emmen, The Netherlands
    Tel. +31 591 666 888
    E-mail: info@losan.nl

    Youtube: LosánNL – YouTube

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