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    Aramark Property is one of the country’s largest dedicated provider of property and asset management services. Bringing together past specialisms from the three companies across commercial, residential and retail property management, this has allowed the company to put forward specialism in all three core areas of property management and provide an expert service that other property managers cannot match.

    Covering the complete property and asset management spectrum, Aramark Property is a conglomerate of the property management world, incorporating the full property, asset, building surveying and procurement service for clients. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aramark Property presently manages huge property schemes with circa 3m square feet of space between them, the organisation manages a substantial rent roll and supplier services per annum. This represents a considerable scope of operation, and positions the organisation as a major influencer in the wider property management market.

    Key schemes under the commercial management division include: Irish Life Centre, Georges Quay, Georges Court, various IFSC properties, City Gate Park in Cork, and a variety of business parks. This is complemented by the retail management division, which specialises in asset and property management for a range of property centres such as Dundrum Town Centre, Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Skycourt Shannon, Navan Town Centre, the ILAC Centre, Kilkenny Retail Park, The English Market in Cork, and a variety of other shopping centres and retail parks.

    For the residential arm of the business, Aramark Property manages circa 5000 residential properties, including everything from individual houses through to mixed use schemes. The company also provides consultancy services to provide support for many of the legacy issues experienced as a result of the previous construction boom, building defects, and other issues which may hamper building performance.

    In addition to the traditional property and asset management arms, Aramark Property also has a growing building consultancy division, providing services in relation to building refurbishment, fit-outs, dilapidations, energy optimisation, building surveys, building operation systems, and planned preventative maintenance programmes. This has seen the organisation take an increasingly broad role in the sector, and has seen the organisation branch out considerably over more recent years.

    Supporting the front-end service of the company, Aramark boasts an extensive range of in-house experts, including surveyors, engineers, accountants, and of course, property managers. Each of the company’s property managers are members of RICS, SCSI, IEI, and the Energy Institute, with financial managers including members of the ACCA and CAI.

    Given the importance of trust in the property management business, Aramark Property’s position as a non-transactional business allows for it to portray an image of an organisation which remains impartial and avoids many of the common conflicts in interest. Combining impartiality with the proffering of a one-stop-shop for property owners, this has allowed for the organisation to develop very close working relationships with clients and to become their primary cornerstone for property management and associated services such as facilities management and food services.

    Of course, one of the primary concerns for the property market of late has been the referendum vote. With Brexit looming, the wider property market has been one of much speculation as to the changing state of the market and, as a result, organisations within the sector have been seen to begin individual plans on their strategies with Brexit in mind. That said, many organisations still yet remain hesitant to act until the implications of Brexit are entirely transparent.

    Louise Phillips, Managing Director of Aramark Property, said, “This is hard to predict and may vary between the different property sectors.  In retail management the euro v pound rate has had an impact on the UK retailers operating in Ireland whilst it is likely that the relocation of staff from the UK will be a boon for the office market. The impact of this on an already stretched residential market will put further pressure on rents and perhaps house prices. The overall impact is still uncertain but Aramark is a group that already operates across the UK and Northern Europe and is well placed to advise existing and potential new clients on potential impacts.”

    Going forward, Aramark Property’s position in the current market is certainly absolute. Given the organisation’s widespread, international coverage, it is expected to step up to changes perceived within the market and assist its clients in overcoming any challenges perceived, or opportunities generated as a result of the changing state of the property market.

    Find out more about how we can help deliver on your needs at: Aramark Ireland, Northern Cross, Malahide Rd, Dublin 17. D17 HR92 Tel:+353 1 8160700 Email:info@aramark.ie www.aramark.ie

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