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  • Aalco offers a real choice for handrail systems

    Aalco is the largest independent stockholder of multi-metals in the UK and is the national distributor of Italy’s leading Stainless Steel Handrail and Balustrade systems.

    All of the systems are practical and functional. They have been designed to not only meet the standards of today, but also meet the higher standards of tomorrow.Aalco handrail systems are easy to assemble and install and are easy to integrate with other architectural elements, fitting flexibly in most environments in which they are installed.

    All components and systems can be used to make stairs, railings, fences, balconies and more.

    The range includes newel posts, brackets, mountings, end caps and finials. Elegant tube, bar and wire systems are complimented by sophisticated systems of glass clamps for creating decorous and striking systems in clear, tinted, coloured, laminated and toughened glass.

    The Aalco handrail system components are sourced from IAM Design in Italy, a world leader in the design, production and sale of decorative components for the architectural industry.

    In addition to ‘standard’ components, Aalco are also able to offer bespoke designs with CAD drawings including spiral staircase elements.

    Aalco’s nationwide network of Service Centres offer:


    • Complete Stainless Steel handrail, balustrade and railing systems
    • Handrail tube, bar, glass clamps, fittings and mountings, slotted tube, brackets and accessories.
    • A highly acclaimed LED railing system
    • Glass U – a new concept for glass railings
    • Mirror Polished system for coastal environments and swimming pool applications

    The Aalco service includes site surveys, design proposals and manufacturing to suit any environment and compliant with all relevant legislation.

    Visit Website: www.aalco.co.uk

    To request your FREE copy of our new 72-page stainless steel handrail systems catalogue, please email your details to:  aalco@shawandunderwood.co.uk

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