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  • Havwoods timber product range

    Havwoods timber product range, long recognised for its quality and durability is continually developing exclusive and inspirational finishes for applications limited only by the imagination.

    Did you manage to explore our stand at this years 100% design exhibition?

    Havwoods were privileged to be chosen to display our wall cladding on the entrance arches through which all clients stepped to reach the main exhibition. This inspirational entrance showcased many exhibitors products and created an interesting start to the journey through the event.



    Reclaimed flooring has long been a favourite with Designers but the ever evolving Genuine Reclaimed solid and engineered, flooring and wall cladding products have taken the marketplace by storm and the recent addition of the new solid Graphic range offers planks, chevron and herringbone timber in painted finishes increasing the scope and design options for this re-used timber product.


    The more traditional reclaimed range offers timber from barns, quays and docks. Not limited to oak the range incudes elm and pine and the benefits include random length and width boards to add to the truly historic image.


    Design panels are very popular with a range of well-known patterns and finishes including the popular Versailles, which again is not limited to a panel but is also available in individual pieces


    Many other finishes are becoming increasingly recognised including distressing, tumbling, hand-scraping and even fuming and burning to give the wood that particularly unique look that only the specialist processes can achieve.


    Currently, most popular, are greys and whites but the different finishes ensure there is something for everyone.

    Walls and Ceilings


    “Don’t be limited to the floor” is the advice, and many Designers are only too keen to try the products up the wall across the ceiling and in many other applications including table-tops and counter surfaces. Of course all Havwoods wood can be used for all these applications but the ‘Walls and Ceilings’ range has products of particular interest including an increasing portfolio of interlocking genuine reclaimed wood on engineered ply backing. This cuts down installation time and is particularly suited to projects where deadlines are close.


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