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    Enter our free competition to win this lovely peace from Anna Byers. to have a chance of winning please send us you name and email address to competition@artofdesignmagazine.com for FREE! the winner shall be announced on the 10th of January 2014

    This necklace is part of the ‘Interactive’ collection. The different layers of the piece can all be moved independently of each other, to allow the wearer to find their own unique way of wearing the piece, choosing from virtually endless combinations.





    The Interactive Circular Necklace with Peridot retails at £255.00neck anna low res
    Chain: 42 cm (can be made to any length)
    Dimensions: 6 x 5 cm (variable with movement)

    Silver, 22ct gold-plated brass, ruthenium plated brass, peridot.




    About Anna:

    Anna has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Newcomer’ award by the British Jeweller’s Association. The winner will be announced in December. She is a Londoner born and bred having grown up in North West London.

    Her first jewellery show was the East London Design Show in Shoreditch Town Hall – and she is doing that show again this Xmas, although this year it will be held at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.


    In 2010, Anna travelled to Jerusalem to study, where she found work in the studio of a leading Jewellery Designer. While she lived there, Anna fell in love with the geometric patterns on the buildings and places of worship that surrounded her.  After returning to the UK and finishing a Masters in Jewellery Design, Anna set up Anna Byers Jewellery at the end of 2012. Her luxurious, statement pieces are characterized by a bold, geometric style.
    Anna’s ‘Interactive’ collection further explores geometric forms, featuring multi-layered pieces, that can be rotated and re-arranged into virtually endless combinations, inviting the wearer to create their own unique compositions. She is also fascinated by Optical Art, and her ‘Hex’ collection plays with perceptions of depth and three dimensions.

    Anna has been selected by the British Jeweller’s Association (BJA) and International Jewellery London as one of their top 10 emerging designers, or ‘Kickstarters,’ for 2013. She was also selected as a ‘One to Watch’ at the Desire Jewellery and Silversmithing Fair in Kensington, and has been shortlisted by the BJA for their ‘Best Newcomer’ award for 2013, the winner of which will be announced in December.


    Remember for your chance to win this fantastic peace please send  your details to  competition@artofdesignmagazine.com






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