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    Lovasi International is bringing life to bathrooms using textures, colour, patterns and shapes. In partnership with Fango Bachas an Argentinean company that manufactures exclusive handmade ceramic wash basins, these unique and artistic pieces are now available in the UK.  Each basin adds style and beauty to any space. Combining a handmade manufacturing process with an industrial finish, Fango wash basins are striking in all decorating design styles. Some styles include: Vintage, Modern, Rustic, Mediterranean, Nautical, Industrial, Traditional, Southwestern and Victorian.

    In a world of mass production, Fango revindicates the value of handcrafted and artistic products.  The focus on high-quality natural materials is a hallmark of our bathroom design products. Each wash basin is completely molded by hand using a potter’s wheel and hand painted by specialized artists. They are baked using the best technology guaranteeing the highest quality and extreme hardness of the ceramic. This process is highly efficient, therefore, enables builders and customers to place large orders. This distinctive handcrafted manufacturing process also provides the end user with a unique and valuable product.

    We currently sell three sink shapes: round, conical, and cylindrical. Within these shapes there are three different size options:

    Small – 30 cm in diameter

    Medium – 35 cm in diameter

    Large – 40 cm in diameter (Not available in Cylindrical)

    These various size options are great for custom builds and for vanity units in small spaces. Once your choice is made on the shape and size, there are endless options for: colours, patterns and designs. We carry a large inventory online at www.lovasi.co.uk, but can also offer custom made options for large orders.

    Fango wash basins are gaining huge momentum and popularity; home owners are looking for something new, organic, trendy and fun!  Lovasi International recently exhibited at the Ideal Home Show in London, showcasing Fango wash basins and received the prestigious “Good Homes Loves” award for stylish products and inspiring ideas from Good Homes Magazine.

    Whether you’re looking to update your current bathroom or looking to create a brand new space, we have something that will capture your attention.  Think about all the time you spend using your wash basin — why not get something you love to look at!

    Fango wash basins are not only conversation pieces at home in your bathroom, but can be used in areas as your home bar or garden shed. Our wash basins also look great in restaurants, bars/ pubs and hotels.  Creating a unique experience for your customers.  Custom made basins can be discussed to include your establishments name in the wash basin. Take your companies branding to the next level.

    Lovasi International is the official UK importer, distributor and retailer for all Fango Bachas wash basins. We continue to focus on providing the highest level of service and quality products.

    Our wash basins have been very popular among building groups, architects, interior designers and individual customers. We would love to discuss multiple or bulk orders for new builds or renovation projects. Please get in touch with us!

    What Makes Fango Wash Basins Different?

    Handmade product.  

    No wash basin is identical as they are made by hand, one by one.

    Exclusive design.  

    There are already many styles to choose from, but there is always something new. Fango creates new designs and decorations twice a year.

    Hand painted decorations.  

    May be similar but can differ in small details, creating original works of art.

    Environmentally friendly.  

    Fango Bachas manufacturing process does not harm the environment. The raw materials and its components used in the production process are completely natural, lead-free, and recyclable.

    Easy to clean.  

    Disinfectants and all types of detergents and cleaning products can be used without damaging the colours of the ceramic.

    Superior quality.  

    In comparison with other rustic products and manufacturing processes, Fango wash basins are totally waterproof, they don’t chip with daily use or will not lose their colours.

    Decor at its Finest

    Fango wash basins provide more added value than regular mass-produced wash basins.  They are exclusive design objects that embellish a bathroom.

    Fango wash basins look great with any traditional countertop or vanity unit.  For bespoke designs try an organic touch with natural materials such as wood, marble, glass, iron and smoothed cement.



    The factor that differentiates Fango products in the market, is that production is totally handcrafted.

    1. Each wash basin is completely molded by hand with white clay and chamotte, using a potter’s wheel.  Chamotte is baked clay with ground stones, which provides a superficial texture, creating a rustic appearance.
    1. Every wash basin is then hand painted by specialized artists using ceramic pigments and a transparent matte glaze.  All materials are lead free.
    1. The wash basins are baked in automatic electric ovens, which guarantee the high quality and extreme hardness of the ceramic and allow a more efficient production process.

    Please visit us online at www.lovasi.co.uk

    Company Details

    Telephone: 07716472150

    Email: sales@lovasi.co.uk

    Website: www.lovasi.co.uk

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