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  • Tile Trends from BluePrint Ceramics

    If you are looking to specify tiles, you might want to know what will be trending in 2018. Here, the experts from tile specialist BluePrint Ceramics share their predictions for the top styles to look out for in the upcoming months.

    Something Fishy’s Going On

    Move to one side Metro tiles, there is a new guy in town. Fish scale tiles are blowing up in the tile industry in a big way. The oceanic-inspired tile comes in tantalising shades of turquoise; they breathe life into kitchens, bathrooms, hotels and bars and are inspired by the sparkling movement of the waves of the ocean. If you are looking for a unique look that will create a talking point and add a sense of wonder, fish scales are the tiles for you.


    Chevron Style

    The chevron tile is a versatile option that can be used on both walls & floors. Chevrons are available in a multitude of options, for instance, patterns, colour, whites and wood effect. Colours can be mixed, and patterns can be formed to really show the versatility of the chevron. Finishes can be mixed and matched to make a surface come to life and add a sense of movement and versatility. Chevrons are the perfect choice when adding creativity to a design project, even in a small space or area the impact of the chevron can be the perfect dose of eye-catching drama.


    Terrazzo Trends

    Terrazzo-style floors have never been so popular. It is a brilliant design idea and can transform a space into something quite special. Whether the project is residential or commercial, the terrazzo floor can become the highlight of the room. Terrazzo can be dated back to 16th century Venice. The beautiful traditional look of the floor has now been given a modern twist with unique colour combinations. Terrazzo oozes charisma, character and warmth and becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst interior designers and architects. The traditional look can be implemented in modern projects with ranges on offer bringing the past into the present.


    The ‘Wow’ Factor

    The real benefit of using an encaustic tile is that they can create a totally unique look. These chic tiles often with a Mediterranean feel are sumptuous in colour and offer amazing patterns that allow for a one in a million design. You will find endless combinations and punchy patterns that transform a floor into a work of art. You will find using this style of tile allows for huge room for experiment. The tiles can create a traditional look in modern project that add a charm & character for years to come.



    Be Bold

    Let’s just think about one thing here; interior trends tend to follow suit from fashion trends on the biggest catwalks of the world. So, with rainbow colours taking Milan fashion week by storm, it is no surprise to see colour in interiors being a key trend of 2018. With so many colours available, from bold and striking to pretty and pastel, the possibilities are truly endless. Colours make an amazing impact to a room and can draw the eye immediately. Colour allows creativity to flow. Colour in block makes a bold vibrant impact whereas combinations of colour create a statement talking point within a room. Colours set the mood and make us feel a certain way and can really express the emotions that a space wants to convey. Bold vivid colours can make everything feel more dramatic and intense where as a pastel colour can have a calming and relaxing effect. It is important to think about the colours you are using as fashions and trends can change quickly however done correctly colour could make a space utterly amazing.



    Larger than Life

    Large format tiles offer a no-nonsense approach to interior design and are an ‘’architectural’’ trend that is growing ever more popular. Large format tiles allow for an uninterrupted finish with fewer grout lines that can make a space appear much larger than it is. With advances in technology, we now have large format tiles that can be digitally printed to give us many effects such as marble, concrete or wood. Huge tiles stand out this year, taking the existing large slab trend well into 2018 at an even more impressive level. Requiring special manufacturing and laying techniques, bigger and thinner tiles are proving to be a huge hit in the world of interior architecture


    Think Pink

    Going back to the 40’s & 50’s, American homes would often be donning a pink bathroom. These bathrooms did not just have a dash of pink; we’re talking pink walls, floors and accessories. Love it or hate it, this candy floss trend is making a comeback, not just in bathrooms, but anywhere from homes to hospitality and retail environments. This playful colour can make a huge impact and, when done correctly, can leave us with the most beautiful and breath-taking results. This is a colour that you will see again and again throughout 2018 so watch this space. The experts at BluePrint keep their eye on the ball when it comes to trends and have a sumptuous offering of all the tile trends that have been mentioned. We are continuously looking for ground-breaking surfaces to meet the vast variety of demands when it comes to project, design and concepts. Designers and architects should be very excited about the collections on offer from BluePrint Ceramics and the endless possibilities we can provide through our innovative products. Our ranges create a massive buzz throughout the industry and gain a huge amount of attention from industry professionals.

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