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    Soundtect has developed a new acoustic ceiling product called the FINS which will be launched at the Surface Design Show in Islington on February 7-9th to create a stunning design feature whilst addressing the noise experienced in rooms as the result of sound bouncing off ceilings, floors and other hard surfaces.

    Noise significantly impacts our experiences in any indoor environment such as hotels, restaurants, workplaces, recording studios, and, of course, our very own private sanctuaries; our homes. To control noise and give ourselves the pleasure of no echo, no reflection sound that muddles amplified speech and music, the use of acoustic sound absorbing panels is indeed a life-saving option.

    Soundtect offers a solution by offering a highly attractive and efficient range of design led acoustic panels which sit perfectly in any environment.

    Designers and architects alike take great care to provide their clients with a visually appealing space made of glass, marble, brick, wood, metal, granite and other hard surfaces but overlook the impact the selected materials will have on a rooms noise levels.

    For restaurant projects, besides inventive dishes and an awe-inspiring decor, sound ambience is often the most direct factor impacting a customer’s experience at a restaurant. As guests fill a restaurant with no sound-proof design, their voices will begin to carry. Given that only a mere 5% of the echoes produced in the room can be absorbed by hard, reflective surfaces, the remaining 95% will continue to carry through the space, creating an unpleasant background noise that pushes conversations to rise up and cause feelings of discomfort and strain to diners.

    This problem can be solved through adding sound absorption, and by installing acoustic panels by Soundtect, the design doesn’t need to be compromised.

    Of course, the layout of a room may not allow for the addition of acoustic panels, especially if there is a lack of wall space. Open-plan areas and glass partitioned rooms create a hive of reverberation and lack of privacy, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be treated.

    In fact, the ceiling being the largest expanse of flat reflective area, is the prime location for the addition of acoustic panels and in many cases the only available space to do so.

    The beauty of the acoustic solutions Soundtect offer is that they allow the reverberation treatment to be very much a part of the design and in many cases are the feature in an otherwise understated concept.

    Soundtect can help to create that mix of minimal calm with a sound absorbing focal point that will remembered long after the noise has gone.

    Please contact anna@soundtect.com or admin@soundtect.com for more information or visit us on Stand 154 the Surface Design Show where a selection of the range will be installed.

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