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  • sonic chair – sit inside sound

    Have you ever sat inside a pair of headphones?

    Our sonic chair offers a special auditive experience, because it always allows you to sit at the centre of sound. Unlike free-standing loudspeakers or headphones, the sonic chair creates a micro sound space in a comfortable chair. Here, every acoustic source is optimally adjusted to the listener, regardless of what sort of room it is in. This ensures an unusually intense listening experience. The specially developed structure-borne sound membrane in the backrest creates especially low, non-audible frequencies and gives you the feeling of hearing music “live”. At the same time, the active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island.

    “Hard Facts” on the sonic chair:

    • a seating element with loudspeakers
    • a structure-borne sound membrane with a highly precise structure-borne sound transducer
    • undisturbed listening enjoyment, even in loud environments
    • audio-visual presentations in highest quality
    • integration of an iMac, iPad or iPod possible
    • wireless connection to CD players or flatscreen televisions possible
    • sound masking
    • produced according to current environmental standards
    • “red dot design award”

    Possible uses:

    Home entertainment

    • Listening to music (connection to a CD player, record player or other sources)
    • To enjoy radio plays or audio books
    • Gaming (connection to a gaming console)
    • 3D Home cinema (connection to a TV or projector or cinemizer OLED from ZEISS)
    • Composing and creating music (connection to a laptop of tablet PC)

    Business Mediatainment

    • Audio-visual presentations (trade fairs, museums and exhibitions)
    • Terminal for audio and video databanks (libraries)
    • Visitor service and Internet access (waiting areas, lobbies, foyers)
    • Relaxation (wellness and lounge areas)

    Production and equipment variations

    The sonic chair is produced in Cologne, Germany with a love of craftsmanship and a passion for detail. Every seating element is produced by hand and equipped according to the customer’s orders. There are a number of versions and different types of added equipment:

    • interior upholstery made of robust, suede look microfibre in 39 colours
    • cream white exterior upholstery in fine semi-aniline leather by Elmo or the easy care artificial leather ATN
    • RCA connector in the pedestal to connect various audio sources (CD player, record player, television), or, if preferred, wirelessly with iRevel (Audiofly-System)
    • powder coated metal parts made of stainless steel or anodised aluminium, made by regional companies
    • supporting elements in the pedestal made of 8 mm specialty steel
    • with a round side table made of mineral acrylic on a swivel arm of brushed stainless steel
    • with an iPod docking station
    • with an iMac 21.5″ touchscreen on an anodised, aluminium arm that can swivel and rotate (with the current Windows version as a parallel or alternative operating system. Not included in the price.)
    • with a laptop table made of mineral acrylic, in two sizes, to swivel or rotate
    • with a permanently installed iPad 16 GB in an anodised aluminium casing, programming of individual Apps possible


    • ring-shaped sounding board with a 32-litre volume
    • high quality sound transducer produced in Scandinavia
    • invisibly installed wiring
    • separate tweeters, midrange speakers and basses as well as non-audible structure-borne sound
    • large-surface membrane that serves as a backrest generates frequencies as low as 16 Hz
    • a six-channel amplifier specifically developed for the sonic chair with patented class-D technology for balanced and precise sound combined with nuanced spatiality
    • diverse possibilities for connecting external equipment such as a laptop, CD or DVD player, iPod or gaming consoles. The multimedia version includes such features as an iMac with a touch screen or an iPad (> versions), so that you can archive, visualise and present music data and data banks.


    What is so special about the sonic chair? Three examples:

    Imagine reducing a concert hall to the size of a piece of furniture …

    The heart of the sonic chair is the sounding board, which is produced in much the same manner as a musical instrument. Laminated layers of wood stabilise an arched casing with a total loudspeaker volume of 35 litres. Every individual transducer, whether for the tweeter, bass or midrange speaker is driven by its own amplifier channel. A signal processor ensures a finely adjusted interplay of individual components. And the symmetry of the chair allows you to enjoy the sound in an optimal listening position, regardless of where the chair is located.

    Imagine that your favourite band playing a concert for you in your own living room …

    There is some music that just has to be loud, when you listen to it. However, the people around us rarely share the same feeling. That is why the sonic chair conceals several layers of acoustic insulation under the carefully crafted upholstery. The two-centimetre-thick laminated beech wood is fused with fine-pore foam and non-woven textures. This combination allows nearly no noise emission and protects the listener from ambient noise. We describe this effect as audio-cocooning. And for a real live feeling we have integrated an I-Beam structure-borne sound transducer. It transmits the lowest frequencies in the recordings to the sounding board with a high degree of precision. Good Vibrations!

    Imagine feeling the pursuer in the next action film or racing game right at your back …

    You wonder how this is possible? We have developed a special structure-borne sound membrane that is comparable to a large loud speaker, the diameter of which is one metre. The membrane is perforated so that it does not produce any audible sound waves, but extremely low frequency vibrations instead. You can feel these directly against your back, whether it is thunder in a play or a helicopter in an action film. During a car race, you can even feel the bumper of the car behind you. You are in the middle of the action!

    We would like to invite you to visit our website chair_round-table_e chair_round-table_d chair_round-table_b chair_round-table_a chair_production2 chair_production3 chair_person2 chair_part chair_ipad_b chair_detail_ipod-docking

    Manufacturer: designatics production GmbH, Bernhardstraße 107, 50968 Köln


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