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  • Simultaneous Design of Superyachts and Support Yachts is a Growing Trend

    In a booming superyacht industry, SHADOWCAT, an award-winning line of bespoke support yachts announces an emerging trend: Owners are increasingly designing new superyachts and support yachts simultaneously. Shadow vessels, such SHADOWCATs, support superyachts by efficiently carrying crew, assets and gear that make oceanic voyages more pleasurable and safer for owners and their guests. Additionally, as superyachts have expanded in size over the years, owners have turned to shadows to provide access to shallow-water destinations and to carry “toys” at sea.

    Why the growing trend? When the vessels are designed together, they deliver a better balance of space, layout and carrying capacity.

    “Designers can holistically plan the functional space of each vessel in tandem. The superyacht can be reserved for accommodations and entertainment, while the shadow can house crew and carry assets,” said SHADOWCAT founder Robert Smith.

    When vessels are designed and constructed simultaneously, time and expenses required are reduced.

    “Time is money. Planning for both vessels up front maximizes efforts, reduces shipyard time and costs. A staggered approach forces owners them to endure costly and time-consuming retrofits later to get what they really wanted all along. Today the whole design process is being flipped to ensure long-term use cases are being considered earlier,” said Smith.

    Finally, simultaneous design means there is no need to compromise.

    Whether an owner wants space for hyperbaric chambers, submarines or water slides, designers will have the necessary space to make it possible.

    “Concepting two instead of one is a designer’s dream because they are always forced with balancing design integrity with necessary functions. Working on the vessels together provides even more luxury and space for the owner’s enjoyment on the main vessel. Historic design constraints are lifted by offloading the more practical elements to shadow yacht.”

    Learn more: www.theshadowcat.com.

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