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    With over twenty years’ experience designing, supplying and installing exterior flooring projects, Alfresco Floors knows the world of outdoor living spaces – inside out.  Having now identified the huge potential of porcelain in this market, Alfresco Floors import an exclusive and extensive range of 20mm tiles, direct from two of Italy’s best known ceramics factories.

    Depending on the scale and budget of the project, we can supply just the tiles, the tiles with everything else you need for your chosen installation method, or we can come and install everything for you.

    Should you wish to create projects where the tiled floor continues seamlessly from indoors to outside, Alfresco Floors can supply matching 10mm porcelain tiles across our entire range.



    Why Porcelain…

    Tougher than timber, stronger than stone, and available in a variety of contemporary colours and patterns – exterior grade porcelain tiles have been a favourite outside landscaping surface in mainland Europe for several years.  Now, Alfresco Floors are bringing them to the UK.

    Our double depth 20mm porcelain tiles are specifically made for use outdoors, and their exceptional strength (each tile will take the weight of a car) means you can take advantage of new fast and foolproof installation systems.

    The beautiful surface designs are printed onto the textured tiles, and then ‘baked in’ to create an impermeable scratch resistant surface that will never fade, never stain, never corrode, never suffer from moulds or moss and cannot suffer frost damage.  In short, these new porcelain tiles are arguably better suited to life outdoors than either natural timber or natural stone, but cost less than both of those alternatives.


    Hard landscaping, made easy…

    Quite apart from their looks and lifespan, the significant advantage that 20mm porcelain tiles bring to the UK is their suitability for new installation techniques.  For the customer this means huge areas can be covered at remarkable speed with our exclusive Buzon raised floor system.  Smaller, more decorative areas can be covered with a quick and easy gravel bed system, which retains all the natural drainage potential of the land below.  And traditional sand and cement installations can be created with complete confidence in the strength and durability of the finished surface.


    Tech Specs…

    • Fine tolerances for accurate installations
    • Dimensional accuracy – EN ISO 10545-2
    • Thickness –  EN ISO 10545-2
    • Straightness of Sides –  EN ISO 10545-2
    • Rectangularity –  EN ISO 10545-2
    • Surface Flatness –  EN ISO 10545-2


    • Water resistant
    • Frost resistant
    • Thermal expansion resistant
    • Thermal contraction resistant
    • Thermal shock resistant
    • Flex resistant
    • Impact resistant
    • Scratch resistant
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Slip resistant
    • Chemical spill resistant
    • Stain resistant
    • Mould and algae resistant
    • Fade-proof
    • Exceptional static load capacity
    • Tougher than timber
    • Stronger than stone

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