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  • Save Energy and reduce heating bills in style

    Duette® energy saving blinds are a wise investment for style-conscious homeowners who want to save energy and spend less on heating costs.

    Experts claim a staggering 50% of heat is lost through windows, so taking action to minimise this warmth escaping should be a priority for anyone who’d like to take control of their home’s temperature and lower heating bills as a result.

    Duette® blinds have been designed using a unique honeycomb construction that has been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46%when fitted in a domestic window. Once fitted, studies have shown that Duette® can reduce heating bills by up to 25%. With the average energy bill now hovering around £1,265, this can add up to a significant saving over the course of a year.

    Duette® blinds have an intelligent design, which means they not only keep your home warm in the colder months, but at a comfortable temperature in the summer; call it ‘climate-control’ for your windows.
    Light and Dark
    Duette® is available in a choice of textures and on-trend colour palette which means every room, and every window can be dressed beautifully.

    They are available in 3 different levels of transparency, depending on your privacy or light needs: transparent, semi-sheer or blackout. These can be included in the same blind, so you can create a completely tailored effect for each room.
    Climate Control Made Easy
    Duette® blinds aren’t just for winter. When we’re lucky enough to get a few months of sunshine, they ensure your home is kept at a comfortable temperature. The blind’s fabric has a special coating which reflects as much as 78% of solar heat; especially useful if you have a conservatory. Damaging UV rays are no longer an issue either, keeping your furnishings like new for longer as Duette® cuts the sun’s glare by 99%.
    Sweet dreams
    Your child’s bedroom or nursery can now be a peaceful haven of sleep, with the blackout option helping to make bedtimes and wake-ups a little easier.

    Their insulating properties ensure that nurseries are kept at a constant temperature, and bedrooms can stay snug in winter and cool in the warmer months.

    The blinds’ innovative structure means acoustics are improved too. No need to worry about passing traffic or roadworks. Rooms that have Duette® blinds fitted prevent up to 45% of unwelcome noise from outside.

    Rising energy bills and the environment are always hot news topics, and you can now take action. Running a more energy efficient home and reducing your heating costs is made easy with Duette® blinds.

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    More information on Duette® blinds, to download a brochure or arrange a consultation, please visit www.duette.co.uk or call 08000 663 662

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