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  • Obsidiana COMPAC – 100%recycled 100% recyclable

    Obsidiana COMPAC is a truly pioneering surface material made from 100% recycled glass and is itself 100% recyclable, making it the first worksurface in the World to offer a totally sustainable solution.

    Compac have been able to create this unique worksurface without compromising its beauty versatility or performance therefore, Obsidiana COMPAC can be specified with confidence for kitchen worksurfaces, wall cladding, splash backs, bathrooms and shower trays.

    Obsidiana COMPAC is available in two extraordinary collections – Volcano and Astral and both offer high resistance to abrasions, impact, chemicals and water absorption.

    COMPAC’s commitment to produce safe, circular, and sustainable products is underpinned by a number of prestigious design and sustainability awards Obsidiana COMPAC has won since its launch in 2020.

    For over 45 years COMPAC have been committed to the environment, leading the way by using renewable energies and organic based resins in manufacturing processes, harvesting rainwater and recycling it throughout their factories, and planting thousands of trees as part of an ongoing reforestation programme.  


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