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    An innovative new surface-finish technology – Live Pure – gives Boen floors an untreated and completely natural look, while also providing extreme resistance against dust, dirt and liquids.

    ‘At BOEN we have set ourselves a number of goals for the coming year,’ says President of the BOEN Brand, Geir Wåland. ‘In addition to taking the role of style adviser through the four furnishing styles Classic Elegance, Pure Nordic, Urban Contrast and Modern Rustic, we aim to always be at the forefront of new trends and new technology. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can offer our customers a range of new products and technology that can be perfectly integrated into the four styles we have defined. All new products are tailored in accordance with the latest furnishing and design trends.’

    A most natural surface

    In today’s design world one of the strongest trends is to use natural materials and surfaces, and there is a particular focus on genuine craft and untreated surfaces. With the introduction of the completely new surface-finish technology Live Pure, hardwood floor specialist Boen gives their customers the opportunity to choose flooring that preserves the naturalness of wood, without compromising on resistance against for example liquids.

    An oak hardwood floor with the Live Pure finish conveys the impression of freshly sawn wood in its natural state. The surface looks naturally light and preserves the naturalness of the wood – at the same time the surface is highly resistant.

    ‘Over the last few years we have seen a huge demand for surfaces that are as natural as possible and earlier launches of naturally oiled floors have been well received by the market,’ continues Wåland. ‘With Live Pure we take the desire for natural surfaces one step further by developing a surface whose ultra-matt finish makes the wood look as though it has been untreated in terms of colour, grain and touch. All the wood finished with Live Pure technology is ready to use and can be laid without any further treatment. Also during usage no further surface treatment is needed.’

    The success story of BOEN began with the founding of two sawmills in 1641 in Southern Norway. Authenticity, excellent craftsmanship, long-lasting products and attractive design characterise the brand and have led to the creation of a global company over the past 350 years. The complete range of hardwood floors is now part of the company’s portfolio: classic strip floors, numerous types of planks and exclusive premium planks in the 3-layer hardwood flooring segment. Strip flooring and plank flooring in the form of 2-layer hardwood floors, as well as solid wood flooring and sports flooring are part of the product range that comprises approx. 300 different floors. Across all product groups, BOEN has focused on the finish of the oak wood surfaces.

    From its sales centres in Norway (Kristiansand), Lithuania (Kietaviskés) and Germany (Mölln), BOEN distributes its products to over 50 countries on 4 continents. The turnover has grown steadily over the past few years, with the company achieving 120 million Euros in 2014.



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