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    As one of the UK’s leading home lift experts, we are thrilled to offer a unique range of home lifts to our customers right here in the UK and beyond. Here at Morgan Ellis, we pride ourselves on our experience, quality, knowledge, and execution – our founders and staff are fully versed in all of the models and ranges we work with. High-end luxury home lifts are what we do here, day in and day out and we are passionate about providing stylish, luxurious accessibility solutions so you can elevate your lifestyle and future-proof your home.

    Working closely with the brands and manufacturers we supply, we are in a unique position to offer more than just the factory specifications – many of the lifts we offer here at Morgan Ellis can be customised to suit your needs and preferences, from the metallic finishes to the colours of the carpets and in many cases, even the size of the lift itself. With exclusive access to some of the biggest names in the industry, we offer the luxury of being able to explore a huge range of sizes, designs and more. We’re a one-stop lift supplier, providing everything from a range of lifts to choose from, to the design, manufacturing, and installation.

    Whether you need your lift to be small and discreet or to be a WOW feature and completely bespoke to you and your home, we have every lift type and budget covered throughout our range. We are open and honest about our range, offering advice and options that will suit you and your needs best. We’ll never direct you to a lift that won’t work for you, offering complete transparency with the benefits and features of every one of our lifts. We aim to ensure you are completely informed when making the decision on which is the right lift for you.

    We do bespoke lifts, rectangular, circular, square, and more – you name it, we supply it.

    Get in touch with our experts – we can guide you throughout the whole process and into the lift of your dreams.


    01702 780002


    A visit to our showroom is the best way to experience the quality, expertise, and style on offer here at Morgan Ellis.

    The first showroom in the UK to feature all three lifts: PVE 37, Aritco Home Lift and Altura Platinum.

    Situated in Amersham’s Sky House Design Centre, our brand-new showroom is now available for visits so you can chat to our team and experience our home lifts first hand. Our friendly team will be on hand to offer in-depth, expert advice about not only the PVE elevator, but all of our home lifts, so you can order yours with extra peace of mind.

    To book an appointment to find out more, please contact us on the details below.


    01702 780002

    Sky House Design Centre, Sky House, Raans Road, Amersham, HP6 6FT


    Home Lift Aftercare are a team of approved and qualified home lift maintenance specialists. We have experience servicing and repairing Artico, Stiltz, PVE, Altura and Thyssen Krupp home lifts. You get peace of mind with our quality service.

    When warranties expire, there’s no need to worry. Our competitively priced breakdown and maintenance plans ensure you and your lift are covered. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

    Each lift installation and design are unique; therefore we can tailor the right service plan for you!

    Standard Maintenance

    To ensure your freedom at home, all home lifts require regular maintenance.

    Whether you’ve opted for an Artico platform lift or a space-saving PVE pneumatic elevator, our team can ensure it reliably lifts your quality of life at home for years to come.

    Enhanced Maintenance

    Give yourself peace of mind and rest easy with our competitive prices and breakdown contracts. Our 24-7 dedicated service line means our team of professionals are only a call away.


    0203 150 4417

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