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  • Considering biophilic design in carpet tiles.

    Humans are, in the main, drawn to nature, drawn to the scaled back environment where only nature grows and life occurs, where plant life and carbon sequestration work in harmony to create fresh, unpolluted air and easy breathing, a feeling of freedom and space, promoting health and vitality in our very nature. This in turn may be the very reason for this draw.

    This is the biophilia hypothesis, proposing that most humans have an innate draw to, and love of nature, we feel that, without connecting with it, our health may suffer. Biophilic design in construction or interior design, is a solution to satisfy this desire for nature, by integrating natural elements and processes into the built environment. Biophilic design can be implemented in all project types and sizes and this is very much appreciated in today’s world, because, if done right, the design should help to promote a strong positive impact on our health and well-being. On our collaborative working through pleasing, calming environments.

    Direct and Indirect experiences of nature can contribute to a biophilic space. This is where solutions can be created to further enhance the intended biophilic space. Fresh air, images of nature, calm sounds and nice smells all contribute to indirect experiences of nature and wellbeing. But it is the interior design that is vital to the experience. Choosing surfaces that carry natural patterning and colours are an essential complement. Biophilic floor design, utilising Biophilic carpet tiles from Rawson, can contribute to this, promoting a healthier and calmer psyche for the student or employees in this space. this is the reason that our biophilic carpet tile range ‘Riven’ was created. The assimilation with nature is seen in the structured patterning and combination of natural colours such as rock, stone and moss coming together in a space and exuding a feeling of being with natures materials. Whether used in a workplace floor design or an education floor design, Riven by Rawson Carpet Solutions can surely complement the Biophilic brief.

    Website: www.werawson.co.uk

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