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  • Lightway – Lord of the Daylight

    Lack of natural daylight in the room?

    Lightway crystal sun tunnels bringing healthy daylight into your home or workplace.

    Lightway brings daylight into buildings with its 3 main parts:

    • On the roof or side wall is a crystal glass dome or daylight collector
    • The tube, with sterling silver as one of the reflective layers, reflects daylight into dark rooms

    The daylight diffuser column, made from crystal glass, effectively spreads daylight around the room

    Lightway Empire Crystal Glass column

    Fresh sunlight brought through the sun tunnel enters the upper part of the column of massive crystal glass and flows through its body.

    The load-bearing construction of the column is steel. Massive crystal components are stacked horizontally. In the lower part, the light column is equipped with modern light source ceramic core chips, imparting a flow of light from the lower section in an upward direction.

    Weight:        From 1,200Kg

    Height:        From 2.5m to 8m

    Diameters: 600mm and 800mm

    USE AS 2nd

    Lightway sun tunnels can bring daylight into rooms where there are no windows in various ways.

    Lightway collects daylight from the sky – either from the roof or from the outer wall of the building. It then transmits healthy sunlight down into rooms where natural light is ordinarily not available during the day. These are the inner rooms of a building where windows cannot be installed. Lightway even brings light into underground rooms.

    Lightway Galaxy roof daylight harvester

    Lightway Galaxy 1200. Typical placement of sunlight collector on the roof. The active mirrored surface is covered with special glass. Sunlight is then led into the building itself through a 520mm diameter tube. Meanwhile, the collector surface has a diameter of 1,200 mm, which ensures huge performance and plenty of daylight inside the building.

    Lightway F400 side wall daylight collector

    Typical placement of light collector Lightway F400 on the exterior wall of the building. Under the special glass one can see the main mirror inside with a layer of pure silver, which collects crystal-clear daylight and sends it through the smaller mirror, into the sun tunnel tubing and into the building. Healthy sunlight thus enters deep into the home, office, or even a shop. Lightway sun tunnels bring light to places where light from windows cannot reach.

    The outside diameter of the light collector on the building’s exterior is 550mm in diameter. But the sun tunnel tubing itself is a mere 156mm or 220mm in diameter, ensuring easy passage through the opening in the wall and worry-free passage of tubing under the roof and into interior rooms.

    Lightway Crystal Glass roof dome

    The head of the Lightway sun tunnel is made from crystal glass. It collects sunlight from the sky and transmits it into the tube leading the sunlight from the roof into rooms inside a dark house. And, because it is made of crystal glass, dust does not stick to it and nor does it turn brown or yellow like as plastic domes would. Diameters from 156mm till 760mm.

    Lightway Odeon Crystal Glass diffuser

    Sunlight is brought through the sun tunnel into the massive crystal glass. The piece is hand-cut by a glass master and shines in the clear colours of natural sunlight. For night hours, Lightway can be equipped with a source of light of the most modern ceramic LED core chip. The frame is made from stainless steel or aluminum.

    Weight:      205Kg

    Height:        450mm

    Diameter:  600mm and 800mm

    Lightway Black Star Crystal Glass diffuser

    Diffuser of the sunlight brought through the sun tunnel. It is placed on the ceiling or on a side wall of the room. It is formed as a single massive piece of crystal glass of the brand Bohemia Crystal. A master glass craftsman hand-cuts it into the shape of the legendary diamond Black Star. The frame is made from aluminum or stainless steel.

    Diameter of Black Star: 600mm or 800mm

    Weight: 105Kg (max)

    Lightway Piccadilly Crystal Glass columns

    The sunlight the sun tunnel brings into the building flows through the glass crystal column. Massive crystal glass has the ability to lead light along its entire length.

    For a highlighted effect, the lower part of the column is equipped with cutting-edge ceramic LED core chips, giving off an expressive glow against the sunlight flowing through the upper part of the column. Suitable for open spaces or as an extraordinarily remarkable installation in a smaller closed space.

    Height:   From 2.5m to 8m

    Weight: From 1,100Kg

    For diameters of 600mm and 800mm

    For more infomation please visit:

    Lightway Daylight Ltd

    phone 0333 20 20 976

    37 High Street
    East Grinstead
    RH19 3AF
    West Sussex
    United Kingdom

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