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    Have you ever left the house or office, and suddenly realised the heating was still on, the electric gates or garage open, or most importantly forgot to switch the alarm or security systems on? You could be miles away by now, and there is nothing you can do.

    NOW, with their award winning wireless heating and electrical control app (WHAP), Intelli Heat can help you. With WHAP, you can manage your heating and other electrical systems using your phone or tablet, from anywhere.

    Simone Arneodo, director of IntelliHeat, an innovative electrical heating company based in Thetford, said ‘ This is an amazing breakthrough for us as a heating innovation company, as we are offering the customer a great product that can save them money on their electricity bills.’

    ‘Our WHAP software enables users to manually control or fully automate their heating and electrical systems from their tablet or PC. This is pioneering as we were the first company to introduce such a complete system to the UK, and still lead the market on our continued product development. Our customers can set up individual rooms or specific zones to be pre-programmed through our app, so that electricity is only being charged where it is being used. This is fantastic news for our customers, and with increasing electricity charges we are proud to be able to save them money. We are also very mindful of the impact our demanding lifestyles has on the environment. WHAP helps our customers not only manage their finances, but also do their little bit for the environment too, by reducing unnecessary energy wastage.’

    ‘ The beauty of WHAP compared to other less flexible solutions such as oil or gas control systems, is that with WHAP customers can not only control their heating and hot water systems, but also their lighting, cookers, alarm systems, electric gates, garage doors, roller shutters and so much more.’

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    For more information on intelliheat and their WHAP app, please go to


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