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  • Lavishly Appointed

    Lavishly Appointed is a leading luxury resort wear brand that combines stylish and excellent swimwear technology with a sustainable and female centred ethos.

    Originating from the Mediterranean, founder and designer Mary Radenkovic’s deep connection to the sea and nature combined with her passion for style, inspired her to create her own brand which celebrates femininity, and embodies luxury and desirable style with sustainable practices at the forefront of every step of the process.

    Guided by the philosophy “buy less, buy better” Lavishly Appointed creates unique, timeless, multifunctional and desirable pieces with an unrivalled focus on craftsmanship. Many of the Lavishly appointed pieces are artisanally handmade by women for women.

    The focus is often solely on the planet and products when it comes to sustainability, but here at lavishly appointed we place true value in the people who make our sustainable vision happen. We pride ourselves on creating a nourishing and equal environment for each of our artful employees, with a special emphasis on supporting our female workers by providing an equal and happy workplace.

    All of our garments are made from exclusive, premium, exceptional quality and sustainable materials. From our italian lycra to our french sourced jewellery all of our materials are completely plastic free and environmentally friendly. Here at Lavishly Appointed we don’t just believe in practicing sustainability we strive to create a movement to invoke activism and spread awareness. We are aware that WE collectively are the change. We do this through our Goldfish logo and “Save the Fish campaign” encouraging our clientele to be active participants in change. If they buy one of our garments with our Goldfish logo 20% of the profit goes to non profit foundations that focus their work on ocean wildlife preservation and sea life and reduction of plastic pollution. Our logo; The goldfish symbolizes prosperity, beauty and positive change which is synonymous with the Lavishly Appointed manifesto that luxury, style and sustainability don’t have to be  mutually exclusive.

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