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  • Detail Lighting South Kensington Penthouse

    Working closely with established interior designers dkinteriors, Diana Blanchard and Anastasia Antonova Design, Detail Lighting specified the lighting for this impressive South Kensington residential property. Elevating the ambience of each and every room – from the bathroom suites and an open-plan kitchen to an atrium and walk-in wine cellar, Detail Lighting provided technical back-up and developed bespoke lighting solutions that were strongly guided by the client’s likes and dislikes.

    Incorporating numerous special finishes and modifications to standard products to ensure the lighting effect was just right, Detail Lighting carefully worked to pair suitable products with the function of each space.

    In the beautifully designed contemporary kitchen, where the lighting was especially important to create a bright environment with no shadows, the Corona Pro product was installed alongside discreet undercabinet LED strips to deliver an impeccably lit space. A best-selling product in Detail Lighting’s expansive portfolio, Corona Pro was used throughout the property in various wattages depending on the ceiling height, whilst bespoke finishes and colours were provided to complement the interior scheme and paints used.

    Statement wall finishes meant carefully positioned and planned lighting was required to minimise the impact of the light products themselves, meaning the eye is drawn to the décor and detailing of the interior. A perfect example of this intelligently planned lighting, a hidden LED was integrated into the staircase to accentuate the handrail, accompanied by trimless cu-blok lights on each step acting as discreet orientation lighting.

    Illuminating the walk-in wardrobe and dressing area, linear LEDs were carefully added to joinery and combined with over-head lighting to create a functional and appealing lighting scheme.

    Careful consideration was required for this project to ensure a seamless lighting and controls package, to achieve this Detail Lighting worked closely with the AV integration firm and conducted various testing to ensure that the dimming and scene setting would work perfectly and achieve the client’s desired aesthetic.

    Established in 2000, Detail Lighting offers beautiful, functional lighting design that separates projects from the ordinary.

    Supplying the commercial, hospitality and residential sector, Detail Lighting combines unparalleled expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of stylish, technical and well-designed products to deliver the very best in LED lighting solutions.


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