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    As one of the largest British name in Shading Solutions and for more than a decade we have been making sure that life outdoors is made even more enjoyable than ever and here’s why.

    Crown is the pre-eminent designer, manufacturer and supplier of garden rooms for fine houses and outstanding commercial properties all around the world. With stunning bespoke wood glass, aluminium and steel summerhouses and shading solutions all are created from an understanding of each of our discerning client’s tastes and aspirations.

    An International Leader

    As an acknowledged international leader at the cutting edge of garden room design, and drawing on an unrivalled heritage, we offer only the very best quality bespoke rooms. Crown garden rooms add style and sophistication to any property and bring a new dimension to your quality of life and a great feeling of well being. All commissions are individually designed to suit our clients’ specific requirements; nothing is standard and no two are the same.

    You may desire an open plan living space or an opulent room for the ultimate dinner party. Perhaps you want a cosy summerhouse in the garden, away from the hub of the home. Whatever your key considerations and signature style are we will, between us, install the TOTAL LOOK which is unique to you and designed exclusively for distinctive and discerning clients who demand the best.


    Quality Throughout

    Quality. It’s a word you hear a lot around CROWN. In fact, it’s kind of an obsession for us. We think about it constantly. The quality of our designs, the quality of our raw materials, the quality of our manufacture, the quality of our service, the quality of our lives – in everything we do, we want our quality to be the best. And then, when we’re absolutely certain that it is, we want it to be even better. TOO MUCH QUALITY IS NEVER ENOUGH.

    “From the very beginning,” says Tony Holman, our CEO, “the idea was to be the absolute reference point in terms of quality and achieving that has meant two things. First, by producing and scouring and installing everything for ourselves we can control quality down to the smallest detail. Second, by fostering a mentality within the organisation of continual improvement we’re always looking for ways to do things even better.”

    We bring two sets of skills to this task: on the one hand our technical understanding of design and engineering, whilst on the other a highly developed knowledge of materials technology. We design and produce every part of our highly durable, light and creative frameworks and mechanisms in Europe and make absolutely everything to measure to create your own personal outdoor space.

    Works Almost Anywhere

    A hotel, a bar, a restaurant, a nordic-style chalet, a modern attic, a country farmhouse, a beach house, a city penthouse. Every kind of home has a soul; every garden or terrace has its priorities: corners to be highlighted, spaces to be preserved, placed to be set aside.

    Some outdoor spaces require minimalism, others lightness and others solidity, such as the possibility of being lived in all year round, protected from the sun, wind and rain. Whatever the weather Crown has the solution.


    For every outdoor area there is a custom solution. The Total Look, a solution that brings each outdoor space together, with the right lighting, the most suitable roofing system, furniture that blends with the setting and surrounding nature and of course, the character of the inhabitant and desired use of the space.

    We have only one objective and that is to transform your outdoor space into a new and welcoming room for everyday living.

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