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  • COMPAC wins prestigious Red Dot Best of the Best award for ICE of Genesis Collection.

    ICE of Genesis Collection.

    Renowned surfaces company COMPAC have won the prestigious Red Dot Best of the Best Award for its  ICE of Genesis collection created by innovative artist and designer Arik Levy.

    The Red Dot Awards are considered to be one of the leading design awards in the world and regularly attracts over 20,000 entries.


    Judged by an international panel of 48 professionals from a range of design disciplines, the ICE of Genesis collection was voted the Best of the Best in the product design category for its ‘exceptional and innovative groundbreaking design’

    The ICE of Genesis collection features a range of unique quartz worksurface designs inspired by the great ice lakes of the Artic and coalesce technology with design and art to create stunning surfaces the like of which have never been seen before.

    Levy has created four new designs to add to the  collection that reflect how seasons change over the year. ICE Green represents nature coming alive in Spring, ICE Gold the sunbeams of summer, ICE Viola autumn lights and ICE Ink the dark nights of winter.

    COMPAC’s commitment to produce safe, circular, and sustainable products is underpinned by a number of prestigious design and sustainability awards in addition to the Red Dot award the company has recently won.

    For over 45 years COMPAC have been committed to the environment leading the way by using renewable energies in the manufacture of their worksurfaces, harvesting rainwater and recycling it for use throughout their factories, using organic resins and planting thousands of trees as part of an ongoing reforestation programme. 


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