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  • COMPAC at the KBB Exhibition – Stand No M116

    COMPAC manufacture and market technological quartz and marble worksurfaces which utilise pioneering engineered stone technology to produce original and beautiful worksurfaces – often copied but never equalled.

    On our stand at KBB we will be presenting a selection of these innovative surfaces including our Nature ‘Bio’, TREND and technological marble ranges.

    The Nature ‘Bio’ range is the perfect synergy between beauty and technology and owes its exceptional qualities to the BIO resins used to create what is a truly unique, sustainable, environmentally friendly, yet high performance worksurface.

    On our stand to represent the Nature ‘Bio’ range we will have a kitchen worktop on display featuring Carrara and Portoro colours.

    image 1

    Carrara part of the Nature ‘Bio’ Range will be on display at KBB

    TREND is an exciting quartz range of four cool grey colours that add magic and alchemy to create a unique and balanced collection, warm and friendly, where simplicity and purity are its hallmarks.

    Visitors to our stand will see a bar top in Dim & Cool Grey which demonstrates beautifully how this range has been designed to blend together.

    image 2

    Dim & Cool Grey will represent the TREND Range at KBB

    Technological Marble

    We have been able to create ‘technological marble’- an engineered stone composite which has the look and feel of natural marble but with properties that eradicate many of the problems associated with it.

    On our stand we will feature a vanity top in Nacarado to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of this product.

    image 3

    A Technological marble vanity top will be on display at KBB


    COMPAC will have on display the full palette of colours available from the Nature and TREND quartz ranges and also the fabulous Absolute Blanc quartz work surface will be featured.


    We look forward to welcoming you to our stand M116



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