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  • Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild “INCROYABLES ET MERVEILLEUSES”

    For its 2016 Art de Vivre Collection, Christian Lacroix Maison invites you to embark on a journey to the sources of French style. With “Incroyables et Merveilleuses”, the House reviews one of the most eventful eras of History: the French Revolution. A collection in homage to the Incroyables and Merveilleuses, who had the courage and audacity to wear the colors of their styles and convictions. Now more than ever, a wind of liberty blows through interior decoration, as an invitation to overcome diktats, following the example of those bold forcomers.

    “Cocarde” is an elegant cotton satin printed with the rosettes sported by soldiers of the Revolution. Pearls and ribbons are featured in an incredible luxury of details, enhanced with teeming sylised flowers pulled straight from indiennes that would not have displeased the visionary Oberkampf. “Malmaison”, a shimmering chintz, is a tribute to Joséphine de Beauharnais’ rose garden, which then counted more than 250 species, of roses here skillfully modernized by contemporary stripes. Roses that in “Frivolités” are accompanied by a bouquet of sophisticated flowers printed and subtly devoured for an enigmatic sheer. “Eclats de roses” sees the queen of flowers, draped in deep peacock blue and amethyst, featured on a mosaic pattern. “Parvenue” is inspired by dresses of this new era mixing flowers with black and white graphism, enhanced by subtle stripes. As for “Joséphine”, culmination of the collection, it offers an explosion of richly embroidered agapanthus, amaryllis, daffodils and sweet peas. “Ciel Liberté” sketches a trompe l’oeil of a stormy sky with neon and pastel clouds, picturing as many glimmers of hope. “Maison de jeu”, mist of antique playing cards, plays with superstitions and vanities, as a thousand talismans printed on cotton velvet. “Bagatelle”, a fantastic print on cotton satin, mixes XVIIIth century architectural folies with contemporary skyscrapers in the middle of a lush jungle. “Pêche miraculeuse” mixes mythical creatures with feathered and literary imaginary fishes, modern time chimeras. “Follète” is a pell-mell conceived as an imaginary dialog between a Merveilleuse and a girl today.
    Formerly considered as diabolic, at the Revolution, stripes will become a symbol of freedom.
    “Honneurs”, a velvet, imitates the ribbons of military decorations, moving herringbone up the rank. The stripes of the now classic “Cabanon” take the colors of the Directoire: Castor, Billard, Réglisse and Scarlet. Last, “Incroyable”, a black satin cotton embroidered with hypnotic tender pink, celadon green, cobalt blue and daffodil yellow chevrons create a shimmering kaleidoscopic effect.
    “Cocarde”, “Malmaison”, “Ciel Liberté”, “Maison de jeu”, “Follète” and “Bagatelle” also come in wallpapers to which are added “Palais Royal”, an elegant marquetry pattern imitating the paneling of the Malmaison’s doors and “Picassiette”, like an evocation of water cures, at the time inspired by highly fashionable Antique Rome.
    The cushions, from small breakfast cushion to the generous queen size one, are all reversible, marrying patterns for demultiplied audacity. And always, of course, to complete the range, rugs and beach towels are available for a complete Art de Vivre universe. https://www.designersguild.com/uk

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