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  • Hockney Exhibition To Crown Groundbreaking Year for MAM Shanghai

    MAM Shanghai’s 2024 calendar packed with exhibitions from David Hockney, Marina Abramović, Robyn Ward, and contemporary Chinese artists

    In the Chinese calendar, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. The mythical creature represents strength and good fortune, and MAM Shanghai’s upcoming programme exemplifies these characteristics.

    The Modern Art Museum (MAM) Shanghai will embark on one of its most ambitious and groundbreaking years yet, with a diverse calendar designed to inspire and educate.

    Featuring globally renowned icons including David Hockney, Marina Abramović and Robyn Ward alongside an array of Chinese artists, MAM Shanghai is set to be a ‘go to’ destination for art lovers the world over

    From interactive, participatory sculptures to paintings, immersive installations and contemporary Chinese art, MAM Shanghai’s forthcoming exhibitions are guaranteed to widen our understanding of the modern world and to challenge our views of it, while offering new experiences and perspectives.

    The 2024 programme begins in March, when contemporary Irish artist Robyn Ward opens his first exhibition in China with the launch of his immersive solo show, Walking in the Dark. Following on from highly-acclaimed runs in New York and London, the experiential exhibition features abstract paintings and freestanding sculptures inspired by Ward’s own nomadic lifestyle, driven by a need for both escapism and avoidance. Walking in the Dark asks questions such as “Why do people roam?” and “What is the aftermath of perpetual movement?”

    Ward’s exhibition runs until May 2024 at MAM Shanghai, and the following month sees the hugely anticipated opening of David Hockney: Paper Trails, the largest ever exhibition of the acclaimed British artist’s prints. Hockney is renowned for his distinctive approach to printmaking, mirroring the vibrancy and diligent indexing seen in his broader body of work. The works in this exhibition – which runs from June to August 2024 – speak to Hockney’s ongoing dedication to capturing and indexing his life through intimate portraiture and snapshots from daily life.

    From September 2024 through January 2025, MAM Shanghai will host conceptual and performance art pioneer Marina Abramović’s first Chinese museum exhibition with her Transforming Energy series. The Serbia-born artist has earned widespread acclaim over the past 50 years as a pioneer of performance art, bringing post-war European avant-garde to the mainstream via sheer endurance and dedication to her work. Focusing on interactive, participatory sculptures, Transforming Energy is inspired by one of Abramović’s most iconic performances, her walk across the Great Wall of China with German performance artist Ulay in 1988. Engaging with various materials such as quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, copper, iron and wood, Abramović invites the audience to directly interact with her works, and to receive their energy as a means of transit to a meditative state of consciousness.

    “With a global and multidisciplinary approach, MAM contributes to the education, knowledge, and enjoyment of art, its values, and message through the presentation of exhibitions and programming of extraordinary quality in an immersive and engaging experience. In keeping with our mission, the 2024 exhibitions will be intriguing explorations in contemporary art and design,” said Shai Baitel, MAM Shanghai’s Artistic Director.

    MAM Shanghai is keen to celebrate talented artists closer to home as well. Beginning in March 2024, Multiply!!!: Power In Numbers in Contemporary Chinese Art will feature 12 modern Chinese artists and their work. Curated by Barbara Pollack, this inspiring exhibition includes watercolours from Wu Jian’an, a series of cyanotypes from Ma Qiusha, oil paintings from Yuan Yuan, and a mural from Wang Qingsong.



    This show is a celebration of Warhol’s unique and radical contribution to art history; displaying many of his most iconic pieces from across his career.

    Warhol’s rarely seen original Ads paintings, a set of 10 canvases, are on view to the public in the UK for the first time.

    Halcyon Gallery has opened an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of American pop artist and cultural icon Andy Warhol. Bringing together his most iconic print portfolios, commercial work and rarely seen original canvases, Beyond the Brand encompasses the full range of Warhol’s pictorial inventions and demonstrate the extraordinary power of his unique artistic vision. The exhibition is spread across the gallery’s two Mayfair sites, at 29 and 148 New Bond Street.

    Warhol explored the intersection between art and commerce like no other artist in history and this has had profound implications for subsequent generations. This is most clearly expressed in the Ads series, which was created both as a portfolio of prints and as a set of ten paintings on canvas. For this body of artworks, Warhol reimagined famous adverts, marketing Apple computers, Volkswagen cars and Chanel No. 5 amongst others, rendering them with vibrant colours and transforming them into powerful works of art. Both the silkscreen prints and the paintings are now displayed together in the UK for the first time making this show a must-see for Warhol enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    Paul Green, Founder and President of Halcyon Gallery said For over 30 years, Halcyon has been privileged to participate in the acquisition and sale of works by one of the most important and influential artists the world has ever seen.

    Our long-standing commitment to building distinguished art collections; putting on world class, museum scale exhibitions that are freely accessible to the general public; and working closely with prestigious institutions around the globe, has only enhanced our expertise in showcasing and handling his work.’

    Kate Brown, Halcyon Gallery’s creative director and curator of the exhibition, said: This exhibition is a comprehensive overview of Warhol’s creative life, from his earliest artworks and illustrations to the last works he ever produced. Visitors to the gallery will be given an overarching view of his entire career, including the chance to see many of his iconic portfolios in their entirety.

    Warhol’s seismic contribution to the story of art is that he tied his work to a collective consciousness more closely than any other artist had before. His art is a pure reflection of popular culture in his lifetime and the spirit of western capitalism.’

    Art historian and museum curator Joachim Pissarro’s accompanying essay to the exhibition explains: Ads is a masterful culmination of Warhol’s career-long interest in the blurred lines between commercialism and fine art, and it resituates these omnipresent themes into a new state-of-the art array consonant with this late era’s zeitgeist.’

    ‘These ads radiate themes such as cosmopolitanism, technology, movie stardom, political power, elegance and luxury in a visual vocabulary that was at stark odds with the deceptively homespun, quaint but enchanting output of Warhol’s own wildly successful career as a commercial illustrator thirty years prior.’

    In addition to the Ads series, many of Warhol’s most iconic print portfolios are on display including Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II, Chairman Mao, Muhammad Ali and the Endangered Species collection, which, says Kate Brown, ‘is a much-loved portfolio and still very relevant today.’

    Other highlights include rarely seen original canvases such as Warhol’s portrait of Pelé. This painting was owned by the football legend who was presented it by Warhol himself. Some of the artist’s monumental late works will be exhibited such as his painting of Mount Vesuvius and a vibrant canvas depicting a watch by Swiss brand Rado, produced in the final months of Warhol’s life.

    Halcyon Gallery’s smaller exhibition space, at 29 New Bond Street, celebrates Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans, which are accompanied by ephemera that illustrates the extraordinary impact that the artist’s best-known motif has had on culture. Accompanying the soup cans is a Campbell’s Soup Box, a vibrant three-dimensional canvas that was commissioned by Campbell’s to commemorate the launch of a new product in 1986.

    An immersive room in 148 New Bond Street features the much-admired Andy Mouse portfolio by Keith Haring portraying Warhol as Mickey Mouse, swimming in dollar bills and dancing in a nightclub. These works are a testament to the remarkable influence of Warhol on artists like Haring and Jean Michel-Basquiat – as well as the changing face of the New York art scene. This immersive space takes inspiration from Haring’s ‘Pop Shop’ to celebrate the convergence of graffiti art and fine art, that took place for the first time in the 80s, and for which Warhol was a crucial driving force.

    Writes Pissarro: Andy Warhol’s revolutionary contributions to art history are often measured through his paintings, particularly their power, subject matter, technique and reception: huge canvases, immense personalities, gargantuan sums garnered at auction… What made his paintings so bold and new was, by contrast, the increasingly mechanistic techniques he used to create his compositions.’

    ‘As his paintings grew increasingly removed from the idea of individuality, he introduced new, cutting-edge elements to his prints. The relationship between the two worlds is a bit like an artistic Turing test: as the two arenas, painting and printmaking developed in tandem, they marched inexorably towards an almost, but not quite, asymptotic singularity. Never the twain would meet, but Warhol would not cease to blur the boundaries as much as he could.’

    ‘[This] exhibition provides a precious opportunity to look back at the history of Warhol’s printmaking practice and look afresh at several series that illuminate fundamental truths about the famously enigmatic artist’s worldview.

    Andy Warhol exhibition opened at Halcyon Gallery, 148 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London on 18th January 2024 with a private viewing for clients on 17th January.

  • Art fans and collectors head to new solo show from acclaimed pop artist James McQueen

    If You Ever Leave Me I’m Coming With You runs until January 7th at Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair

    Theme of love, obsession and introspection explored using his signature Penguin Book covers

     If You Ever Leave Me I’m Coming With You, the latest solo exhibition from pop artist James McQueen, is attracting pop art aficionados and investors alike to Halcyon Gallery’s flagship site on 148 New Bond Street.

    The exhibition, which is open to the public until January 7th, displays a new body of artwork from the anonymous artist, using vintage Penguin Book covers as a starting point for bold and satirical paintings.

    McQueen is an enigma in the art world, painting under a pseudonym since 2017. He explains: “Keeping behind the mask enables me to enjoy the creative process without being concerned about praise or recognition. I enjoy what I do and don’t want that to change or to be changed through judgement. I want my art to speak for itself.”

    The success of If You Ever Leave Me I’m Coming With You follows on from McQueen’s debut exhibition with Halcyon, last year’s You Don’t Know the Half of It. As in that ground-breaking show, the titles and sentiments on the book covers created by McQueen are evocative, playful and sometimes cynical.

    In contrast, the artworks, both in design and technique, convey the authenticity of worn-out, vintage books which have been read over and over again over many years.

    ‘Everyone who owns it has put their little stamp on it, like a tea mark, pencil scribbles, or folded page corners,’ says McQueen, who puts similar scribbles, doodles and marks on his own work.

    McQueen’s initial interest in Penguin books was inspired by his grandfather who had a large collection. “He would often read them to me, but I was more interested in the way they looked,” recalls McQueen. 

    McQueen’s unique techniques reflect aging and decay as the books are passed down from one owner to another, including fingerprints marks, rings from tea mugs, missing corners and dishevelled spines.

    Says McQueen: “I want to create that wear and tear, that authenticity. It’s easy to do something clean. It’s easy to do something with straight lines. It’s much harder to make something look old and tired.”

    In creating his art, McQueen applies paint in abundance through numerous layers that, once dried, are sanded down, creating a coarse aesthetic that evokes the wear and tear of vintage books. Often the surfaces are covered with lacquer to add extra richness and vibrancy.  

    Exploring themes of Pop Art and abstraction, McQueen’s complex application of paint elevates his art beyond the mere imitation of a nostalgic object towards an art that is rich and expressive. He represents the books not as they were when first published, but as they are today: stained and faded with annotations and tattered edges.

    These domestic touches are starkly and comically contrasted with the bold and provocative titles that are a feature of his work, such as Too Cool To Give A FuckOh Bollocks, and Give Me Solutions Not Fucking Problems.

    “Collectors choose these pieces because the quote resonates with them,” says McQueen. “It’s something they can look at every day, as if it is a book on their shelf.”

    In spite of his anonymity, McQueen’s paintings are deeply personal, expressive and revealing. At the heart of McQueen’s work is the classic Penguin Books cover design from 1935. McQueen has adopted this design as the fundamental template in almost all of his work, yielding a huge range of possibilities in spite of its strict parameters. There is also an autobiographical dimension to his work through his trademark monkey design, using this mischievous character as a kind of personal insignia.

    As well as with the books from his grandfather’s collection, McQueen is inspired by artistic traditions over the decades including Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism as embodied by the likes of Ed Rusha, Damien Hirst, Banksy, Warhol and Harland Millar. By reimaging elements of other works and combining them with his own images and his unique style, McQueen creates original works of art.

    Over the last year, McQueen has produced the most experimental, complex and varied paintings of his entire oeuvre, and this exhibition highlights his new, ground-breaking techniques while breaking new ground in the range of possibilities that can be achieved through the Penguin cover motif. This exhibition is only the latest in the unfolding story of this unique artist. 

    If You Ever Leave Me I’m Coming with You runs until 7 January 2024 at Halcyon Gallery, 148 New Bond Street, London W1S 2RL.

    About James McQueen

    Born in 1977, James McQueen is a British artist based between London and New York. Operating under a pseudonym, he has created paintings publicly as James McQueen since 2017. 

    McQueen’s art is born from his admiration of vintage books, amassing a collection before deciding to develop the cover designs into paintings. 

    These literary-inspired paintings are rooted in the Pop Art of the mid-1950s and 60s. McQueen’s art appropriates the design and branding of an inexpensive, mass-produced and consumed product to echo Andy Warhol’s appropriated imagery in the Campbell’s Soup paintings. Like Warhol, McQueen celebrates the everyday product by making these book covers monumental and vibrant.

    The impact of these works is not only visual but conceptual. McQueen communicates a variety of messages through the titles of his paintings and their carefully selected typography. Frequently their tone is provocative, comic and cynical. While humour is a key feature of his work, McQueen has also used his paintings for social and political comment, responding to what is current and popular on the national and international scene, from climate change and the NHS to football and James Bond. 

    2023 IF YOU EVER LEAVE ME, I’M COMING WITH YOU, Halcyon Gallery, London, UK 
    2022 YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT, Halcyon Gallery, London, UK

    2022 Group Exhibition at Halcyon Gallery, Halcyon Gallery, London, UK
    2022 High Fidelity, Halcyon Gallery, London, UK

    Website Link: https://www.halcyongallery.com/exhibitions/78-if-you-ever-leave-me-i-m-coming-with-james-mcqueen/

  • An Artful Interior by Sarah Habib

    Where Contemporary Design Meets the Classful Essence

    The Art House by Sarah Habib is an elegant project that puts together contemporary design with classical art forms and structures. The interior designer together and 3D Artist worked together with Zan Architects and created luxurious project with an artistic touch.

    Every single room of the interior is a beautiful example of real estate architecture, that mixes classical lines with boldness from the colour pallet. The mix of natural shades such as the walls’ green and the woody floor, together with the black & white pieces and the metal surfaces, make a perfect balance,

    Entering the dining room, it is visible the matching of luxurious furniture and masterful artwork, as an imponent classical sculpture takes the centre stage, together with Boca do Lobo’s beautiful Pietra Oval Dining Table. This amazing design piece adds depth to the space, where its marble surfaces contrast with the darker walls. Surrounding the imponent dining table, the Nº11 Chair, which takes the cue from key figures of the surrealist movement, brings this art trend into a scenario dominated by classical lines.

    In the stunning living room, following the concept of the whole interior, there’s a gorgeous juxtaposition between contemporary design and the classful essence. Being the central space of the project, the designer needed a focus statement piece as the Navarra Centre Table by Boca do Lobo. This design piece creates the perfect mood when illuminated by the Gala Suspension by Luxxu.

    Interior designer: Sarah Habib

    Main Brands: Boca do Lobo, LuxxuStyle: Contemporary, Classic


    It is impossible to assign it to any one specific style as it contains everything from art deco to urban style.

    We experimented with colours playing with the dark floor in combination with a yellow sofa and a bright painting on the ground floor. We created a very unusual staircase with an amazing chandelier and designer banisters which can be classed as the centrepiece of this house. Our designers expressed themselves in various ways, especially with the use of dark coloured metals which were used as a base for this project. The first floor features a burgundy/cherry coloured flooring leading to the granddaughter’s room which is designed in green colours.

    Next to it is the youngest son’s room which looks like a separate loft style apartment with concrete panels on the walls, an amazing photo of New Yok city and industrial wall lights made to exclusive designer drawings. Then there is a master bedroom where her dressing room and bathroom are silver and white with elements of blue and his dressing room and bathroom are brown and beige and resembles in style small houses along the seaside.

    Living area
    Every space is thoughtfully designed to every last detail and reflects the idea at the heart of the project that the bedrooms are not just different rooms but also reflect the personality, interests and tastes of each family member. All this may give the impression of total incompatibility but it is not the case as these completely different spaces together create one atmosphere united by specific elements.

    Client & Brief
    The clients are a large family who wanted to create a home that would be their main place of residence. The client’s most important request was to create comfortable spaces suitable for the whole family to spend time together. The other requirements were the sports area, spa and wine cellar.

    Design tricks
    This can be identified as the main design technique – all the spaces are created with different moods, colours and styles but they all seamlessly join together. Dark metal is the main decorative element. It is used throughout the whole project and is the main feature.

    Wine Cellar
    Confirming with the owner’s preference to not build a basement in the house we organised a space on the ground level next to the kitchen. The interiors are divided with a transparent floor made of tempered glass. The textured blued metal on the stairs highlights the graphic black floor and walls. The lack of direct light in the space creates a magical atmosphere of an ancient wine cellar. We were very attentive to the temperature and humidity controls as one of the most critical considerations in every wine-cellar design.

    Spa & Sport area
    The second floor comprises the spa and a gym that features a large sports equipment area as well as table tennis and yoga spaces. Despite its separateness, it also had to be integrated with the house therefore we decided to finish it in Swiss-style. We designed a bespoke hydro massage bath, hammam, spa zone and recreational area. All the spaces are quite cosy and family friendly.

    Location: Moscow
    Size: 700 sq m
    Photographer: Mikhail Loskutov @loskutoff


  • Knightsbridge Private Park, Moscow by Dseesion Interiors.

    Valeria Senkina founded luxury interior designer practice Dseesion Interiors in 2003 and they have over 18 years expertise in creating exquisite homes, creating and conducting more than a hundred projects in Russia, and in Europe.   Last year in 2020, they opened an office in London, and they are a young and innovative team, focused on key principles including: Beauty of Space, Ecology, Smart Home & Security, Art & Craftsmanship, each of which inform their designs. Continue Reading

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    Astoria Deco: Large Basins & Hardwick Basin Stands | Small Basin & Cloak Basin Stand | Large Basin with Pedestal

    Specialists in the design and manufacture of classic and contemporary British-made bathroom solutions, Imperial Bathrooms, capture the bold glamour, stylised luxury and decadent artistry of the 1920’s with its enduringly popular Astoria Deco Collection: an iconic range of British-made ceramic ware and accessories, which are authentically designed and rich in detail. Continue Reading

  • Edinburgh Townhouse by Jeffreys Interiors (Edinburgh)

    Our overseas clients purchased this home in March 2019 after a single viewing; they intended to make the move from Australia to Edinburgh in time for Christmas. They enlisted the team at Jeffreys Interiors having visited our Edinburgh showroom to take on a full overhaul of the house in time for their arrival, making their transition to a new country as seamless as possible for them and their children. Continue Reading

  • SMANIA – Classic Among The Modern

    SMANIA, the most modern among the classics, the most classic among the modern. This is a summary of the concept that emerges from the contemporary nature of the furniture designed and built by the historic Venetian company, leader in the luxury furniture sector. Continue Reading