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    Founded in 2014 by Silvia Ciferri, Casa Colori is an innovative and highly creative design studio specialising in residential and commercial interiors. We offer a highly personalised and dedicated design service to all our clients, which can include interior design, home staging, refurbishment and consultations, with the unique Mediterranean flair of Founder Silvia Ciferri! 

    Our passion is to add colour to your life by bringing it into your home, filling every space with light and energy. We know that the end destination is much more rewarding after working beside our clients along the journey, which is why we place the client’s experience at the core of everything we do.

    We take the time to understand the day-to-day needs of people’s lives, bringing that understanding into every project alongside our design expertise. Through years of experience, we are able to create spaces that use the maximum available space whilst offering the very best in day to day usability for our clients’ needs.

    Casa Colori provides you with design expertise, project management and contractors. Our success lies with our persistent requirement to understand the individual needs of clients for both the practical and design aspects, with styles and design influences ranging from traditional to modern.

    A Message from the founder: 


    My name is Silvia Ciferri and I founded the Glasgow-based interior design agency, Casa Colori, in 2014. As a qualified biologist, my passion for interior design and refurbishing houses was utterly unknown to me until I bought my first flat! I had purchased what could be described as a typical, ex- rental, magnolia flat. Seeing the potential in the property, I thought that “a splash of colour here and there will make it look beautiful” and set about renovating the flat, leading me to find my inner passion for interior design.

    Feeling inspired after the completion of my new home, I bought another flat to redecorate and eventually rent out. Spending some time living in both France and my home of Italy, I was inspired by the mix of minimal, flamboyant and colourful European styles, able to bring them into each new project I undertook. From then, I went on to study interior design at Inchbald School of Design and KLC School of Design to help me become a fully-qualified designer. With a series of successful projects for friends and new clients behind me, what had simply started as a passion outside my day job had eventually become a serious business.

    My style has been described as modern, practical, airy and relaxing, but colourful enough to be uplifting. This makes it very fun and unique to each project, while allowing a flexible design that is never gender oriented.

    What is really important to me is achieving a sense of space, maximising natural light and being adventurous with colours. A major inspiration for me is in the Danish style of interior design and one of my all-time heroes is the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, despite being known for a time to call interior designers ‘inferior designers’.

    On the business side, I am able to provide my services throughout the UK, my experience encompassing a range of different sizes of property and scopes of project. After years of hard work and building relationships, I am able to supply a range of great traders, suppliers and architects with whom I have previously worked with, as well as sourcing new contacts depending on the demands of the project.


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