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    Reghina Ivanco, the founder of Art Focus Studio, has a passion for exploring different mediums and styles in her artwork. Her dedication to capturing the essence of the human spirit has led her on a journey of constant inspiration and growth as an artist. As the visionary behind Art Focus Studio, Reghina envisions a space where artists can come together, collaborate, and showcase their unique creations. Her belief in the power of art to connect people and inspire change drives her commitment to promoting creativity and self-expression.

    Winner of the International Competition DAS INTERIORS SHOW 2018

    National Competition Awards DAS INTERIORS 2019

    National Competition Awards DAS INTERIORS 2020

    Winner of the Competition Awards DAS PRIZE 2022

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    founder of ARTFOCUSSTUDIO

    +373 797 09091

    Email: reghin@mail.ru


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