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  • Knightsbridge Private Park, Moscow by Dseesion Interiors.

    Valeria Senkina founded luxury interior designer practice Dseesion Interiors in 2003 and they have over 18 years expertise in creating exquisite homes, creating and conducting more than a hundred projects in Russia, and in Europe.   Last year in 2020, they opened an office in London, and they are a young and innovative team, focused on key principles including: Beauty of Space, Ecology, Smart Home & Security, Art & Craftsmanship, each of which inform their designs.

    Dseesion take a completely tailor-made approach to each undertaking.  From conception to completion, every development is authentic, unique and is designed specifically for the client.  Dseesion’s ethos is to not simply to create beautiful and bespoke living spaces, but to also empower and enhance their client’s inner world by surrounding them with an environment which expresses their unique values, feelings, emotions and lifestyle.

    Their pièce de résistance is this recent project, the apartment at Knightsbridge Private Park, Moscow.   This high-end 500 sq.m. apartment is situated in Khamovniki, in one of the most beautiful and prestigious residential complexes in Moscow.

    The show-stopping interior was filled with a large number of non-standard solutions and individual, one of a kind pieces designed especially for this space by the world’s best glassblowers, metalworkers, marble specialists, carpenters and glass workshops.   These bespoke elements included items such as interior doors, furniture, door and furniture handles, art panels made of plaster, lamps and carpets.  Unique decorative wall coverings were specially created, as well as bas-reliefs made of gypsum and panels made of natural yacht leather.

    Only natural and ecological materials such as wood, marble, metal, glass, natural textiles were used in finishing and filling.   The furniture and lighting were chosen from some of the finest European brands in such as Veronese, Lasvit, Officina Luce, Promemoria, Baxter, Pieter Adam, Bert Frank, Edition Bouganville, Tai Ping and others. In addition, Dseesion sourced works by Russian artists, photographers, ceramists and sculptors as decor.  The apartment was also equipped with modern high-tech automation tools.

    The result is an elegant, contemporary home that reflects both the excellent taste and the highest quality requirements of its owners, as well as being completely compatible with a meaningful daily life for a family with young children.

    Knightsbridge Private Park, Moscow by Dseesion Interiors.

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