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  • Your showcase to Finnish wood products

    WOODPRODUCTS.FI is an easy access website for wide range of high quality wood products. You can compare different properties and contact the manufacturers with webforms for distribution and enquiries.

    Woodproducts.fi covers all the product groups of the wood product industry from lumber to downstream products. The website is for designers and other specifiers, purchasers of wood products and purchasing decision-makers from all over the world. It is translated into five languages: English, German, French, Russian and Chinese.

    Woodproducts.fi provides also information on Finnish forests, wood as a material, wood products, the use of wood, construction with wood and environmental factors. Read more at woodproducts.fi/content/why-wood

    The Story of Wood has been condensed into just over one minute video called “Why Wood?” and into a infographic. It is available in six languages. You are free to view, download, link and share The Story of Wood. With our infographics, you will be able to explain clearly and fluently the benefits and advantages of wood. The infographics work both as an independent presentation and as a basis for your own presentation. The Story of Wood infographic

    Visit us at woodproducts.fi


    In addition to Finnish wood products you can see Finnish wood architecture at woodarchitecture.fi. It presents high-quality Finnish wood architecture and solutions for wood construction. By presenting Finnish wood architecture, it aims to improve the international recognition and visibility of companies within the wood product industry and their range of products and solutions and to make finding information on products and manufacturers easier. The service is provided in five languages. The site contains more than 100 projects by about 50 architects. It is constantly updated with projects presented in the popular Wood magazine. Visit us at woodarchitecture.fi

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