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  • Ultrafabrics® the ultimate alternative to leather

    The Ultrafabrics® range is a whole new fabric category, pioneering the revolution of polyurethane technology. Ultrafabrics® specialise in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics available on the market today. Utilising exclusive Takumi™ technology during the manufacturing process and more than six decades of passion, creativity and skill, ultimately creating the most enhanced fabrics on the market.

    Each season key trends are highlighted with fabrics chosen to represent them, for 2015 the trends of haute couture were seeping into all sectors of design, and the inspiration was broken into 5 distinct themes.


    Borderline serves as a modern, unexpected treat to the mainstream. A decorative play on lines, it influences form, as well as complex surface textures. Hinting at surreal aesthetics, Borderline makes bold statements in unexpected ways. Prominently seen in the accessories market, furniture is also taking cues, especially in material choices. A restricted colour palette creates a modern appearance whilst linear textures create optical play on surfaces.


    Eminence is the epitome of luxury, highlighting a sophisticated palette of organic textures which are rooted with the perfect red. This dark, rich red is appropriate for the high end segment, yet easily shifts to sport. This masculine base is offset by hues of the feminine, sandy tones and hints of peach and pink. Ultimate luxury is created by utilising rich classic colours combined with natural textures. This trend pulls from historic classics to present a truly timeless depth, and sense of wealth.


    Jaunty targets the luxury sport segment, embracing lively primary hues of red, cadmium and cobalt. The use of these pure colours emits a refreshing, modern energy and confidence. Furniture designers are utilising colour blocking to highlight interesting form, and to create racey environments. Geometric textures combined with bold sporty colours of yellow, red and blue create a warm preppy vibe.



    Mirage taps into the mainstream, utilising nature-inspired textures with its illusive hint of escape and serenity. Muted pastels with a touch of femininity compliment deep and complex neutrals. Product and architectural forms reference travel and exotic icons, while the fashion industry pulls layered and obscured patterns into the mix. Organic textures and neutral tones create a sophisticated collection.


    Modish pulls at the heart strings of earlier generations, while running a pulse that the current youth cannot resist. Mod is, undeniably popping up everywhere, as seen in bold geometrics, with special tribute to haute couture. An interesting use of green is often combined with black and/or citrus accents, taking Mod to a new place. Plastics, along with geometrics and knits, create surface effects to create a playful mix of contrasting elements inspired by 1950’s to 1960’s pop culture.

    An unrivalled spectrum of colours and finishes means that Ultrafabrics® suit a variety of projects whatever the design preference. Each Collection has its own visual characteristics including Brisa, Eco Tech, Fusion, Linen, Pony, Promessa and Viva. New to the portfolio is Dwell which has a subtle organic texture featuring a unique matte aesthetic. Dwell provides an unmatched sensory experience emulating the soft feel of suede, the Dwell palette consists of a fresh focused mix of tone-on-tone colours. Essential neutrals including Wild Honey and Cliff are offset by saturated hues such as sizzle and heritage blues. Tried and tested basics such as Basalt and Nutmeg round out the range.

    Ultrafabrics® represents a new fabric category in the premium polyurethane arena, composed of fabrics that are non-toxic, have low VOCs and are compliant with industry standards for indoor air quality. The fabrics do not contain any of the volatile plasticizers and potentially toxic stabilizers found in PVC. In comparison to genuine leather which uses pollutant and potentially toxic chemicals during the production process, Ultrafabrics® adopts a more socially responsible and efficient manufacturing process to create the highest quality, most tactile leather alternative.

    Visit Website: www.ultrafabricsllc.com

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