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  • Trindade & Bird London’s Top Tips for Decorating your Home this Festive Season

    As interior designers, our top tip for decorating your own home this festive season is to consider and work in harmony with the scheme of your permanent décor, that way your decorations will simply melt with your interior to great effect and your home will look as though it was designed for Christmas.

    As we live in a woodland setting, our Christmas theme is one of natural hues, woody textures and of course, a real tree, to fill our home with the glorious scent of pine. Real trees are of course each unique, and vary wildly in shape, so we bulk out in between the gaps of the branches with floral stem arrangements and decorative sprays.

    We supplement tinsel for delicate feather boas on our tree to typify layers of soft white snow on the branches.  Our stag emerges from the tree as if in the wild, and creates a wonderful point of visual interest for the display.  And of course, lots (and lots) of lights, we have small round lights much like little berries to add the sparkle.

    Wishing all of our Art of Design readers a very Merry Christmas!

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