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  • Textures of joy – stimulate your senses with the latest kitchen designs from Schüller

    We live in a rich textural world, full of interesting, tactile surfaces. We naturally run our hands along walls, through grasses and dip into cool streams. And yet our kitchens are often composed of straight lines and flat colours. It is no surprise that these surfaces don’t quite satisfy our subconscious desires, for it’s in our nature to seek out patterns and explore objects through touch.

    “The right use of texture can create the most spectacular kitchens and living spaces. And with the latest innovations in marble and wood effects, textured surfaces can be achieved at a far more affordable cost,” says Wayne Dance at InHouse Inspired Room Design. “Layering textures and tones creates dynamic spaces. Marry together the right combinations and you’ll find yourself enjoying a huge dose of satisfaction every day.”

    Don’t underestimate the importance of selecting the right textures for your kitchen. If we have learnt one thing about our homes this year, it is almost certainly that they should create a sense of comfort and calm whatever is happening in the world outside

    Deep blue, louvre cabinet fronts with a combination of dark knotty oak and cool, white marble creates a stunning blend of complementary textures. The pairing of bold colour with earthy neutrals creates a rich and inviting kitchen.

    The elegant combination of bold deep blue cabinet fronts and knotty brown grain are balanced with luxurious and earthy white marble effect surfaces and feature wall. Here textures inspired by nature create a bright and striking contrast to rich and contemporary colours.

    Wood effect cabinets create a rustic feel with a contemporary touch. Schuller’s synchronised pore effect replicates the feel of natural wood, creating a sensory and immersive experience within your home. Maroon knotty oak (as pictured) is right on trend for 2021. The rich brown creates a comforting yet sophisticated atmosphere whether you’re winding down at the end of the day or entertaining friends and family.

    Inspired by classic French shutters, the louvre front brings a cosy and nostalgic feel to every kitchen. Available in 17 colours from Schüller’s 2021 colour concept, the louvred front presents an opportunity to bring in your individual style and add a further touch of personality to your kitchen.

    The schüller.C collection is available from Schüller’s UK and Ireland network of retailers. For details, please contact InHouse Inspired Room Design at www.inhouseltd.co.uk or call 01661 842304.

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