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  • Stockinger Watch Winder Cabinets The Perfect Storage For Your Precise Timepieces

    Watch collectors know that a self-winding watch will work at its best when it is kept permanently in motion. As you are not able to wear more than one wristwatch at a time, normally the movements of your other self-winding watches might stop after 36 to 42 hours. Resetting might be done quickly, but in the event of complications or with “perpetual calendars” in particular, resetting might be difficult.

    Furthermore, lubricants inside the self-winding watches reduce the wear and friction loss, but when the movement is no longer running, these lubricants tend to solidify. The moving parts get gummed up which eventually might cause the need to send your watch to a specialist for repair.

    Watch winder solve this problem by keeping your watch in motion and therefore keeping the movement running. Protected by the German Patent and Trademark office, the Stockinger & BELUWO watch winder technology creates the most precise watch winders. Each wristwatch will be kept and moved according to its own specific requirements as the watch specific optimal winding data will be downloaded onto the winder from a database that contains data of more than 8,600 different wristwatches. And programming is quickly done – just by using your smartphone or tablet pc.

    Due to our long experience with state-of-the-art watch winders included in our safes, Stockinger has been producing luxury watch winder cabinets since last year. To treasure your high class watches, our watch winders both value and celebrate them on an elegant, high quality basis.

    But what’s new: Now Stockinger not only offers the watch winder cabinets in metallic or wooden design, we also produced watch winder cabinets in lacquers with bright colours. The newest colours are real eye-catchers. Moreover you can choose the colour of the lacquer on your own. The watch winder cabinets are available in 3 versions with 2, 6 or 10 winders.



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