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    For years, all-white has dominated interior trend forecasts. From white painted walls and luxury linens to contemporary marble surfaces and porcelain kitchen splashbacks – the desire to decorate your interior with white has created a clean and balanced canvas that can be accented with colourful décor. However, this year all-white interiors are set to see a change in rhythm. Black is making a comeback and it certainly won’t pass by unnoticed


    Where some might stray away from black interior walls, others embrace this colour with a growing enthusiasm. In fashion, black and white is a timeless go-to and the interior design world is no different. The stark contrast of light and dark hues instils a room with a luxurious and high-end finish. Before taking the plunge and embracing black and white in your own interior, it’s worth taking the time to carefully think about how you execute the trend.


    First things first – identify location. If north-facing, the light can be much harsher and so a complete overhaul to black interior walls could put your scheme at risk of feeling emotionless and unwelcoming. South-facing rooms give the most interior freedom as the natural light is significantly warmer. If east or west-facing, it’s worth considering at what time of day you’ll be using these interiors. East-facing interiors are cooler in the morning followed by brighter light in the afternoon, while west-facing rooms are the opposite.


    For ease and simplicity, incorporate black toned furniture and décor into existing all-white interiors. Swapping white soft furnishings for black alternatives will create an instant boutique feel within a space. Dark bed linen will imbue a bedroom with a notable cosiness, whilst an iconic black velvet sofa will sit elegantly within a white-walled living room. Bring the interior together using black and darker shades throughout your décor. Prints with black frames and touches of paint on skirting boards add instant dimension to white interior walls. Smoke glass chandeliers are very on trend this season and introduce an ambient balance to your scheme.


    To embrace the black and white trend more intensely, paint or paper interior walls with a black shade. Try accenting a chimney breast with black paint on the walls either side or fashioning a contrasting black feature wall. Then warm things up with white soft furnishings and crystal glass light fixtures. However, don’t feel limited to monochromatic forms. Incorporate softer wooden textures, flourishes of greenery and brushed brass metallics to bring balance to the drama of black and white.


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