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  • The beauty of marble – technology by COMPAC

    Natural marble, although beautiful to look at and touch, is extremely expensive, difficult to fabricate and costly to transport. Patterns and colours can vary from slab to slab and it has to be carefully maintained.

    It can also be fragile, easily stained, damaged and its excessive quarrying has had an environmental impact too.

    COMPAC have, by utilising advanced manufacturing techniques, been able to create

    ‘Technological marble’ an engineered stone composite which has the look and feel of natural marble but with properties that eradicate many of the problems associated with it.

    Containing    natural marble mixed with resins, COMPAC’s technological marble has the beauty and hardness of marble but its resistance to impact and breakage is much greater owing to its enhanced flexibility. It has a wonderful consistent, uniform appearance and can be fitted to large surfaces without breaks or differences in colour tone being noticeable.

    Its porosity is practically zero therefore absorption of water and other liquids is minimal- achieving a hygienic product that is both easy to clean and maintain.

    It is a versatile too with a wide range of colours, textures and sizes available .It can be used on kitchen and bathroom floors, walls, vanity tops, building façades, staircases, fireplaces and on high footfall surfaces such as hotels, airports, rail stations, shopping malls, public buildings, etc.


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